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"Its a great resource."

"I find it very useful thank you."

"Eco Investor helps focus and highlight companies who are environmentally positive and how they are tracking including those that are pre-revenue – which is very helpful."

"I really enjoy finding out about the ecological and ethical companies and topics you cover, which I can't seem to find anywhere else... And I apprecialte the early intelligence about new investment opportunities."

"It is the only place I can find information on the spectrum of environmentally responsible companies and keep a little up-to-date with what is happening in this area... I very much like the categorization of companies into core, pre-dividend, pre-profit, etc.....this makes it easy to know at a glance where the company is with respect to its development... I do find it very useful for giving me some idea of what is happening in this sector of the market, information I do not readily come across elsewhere."

"A good overview of current matters effecting a wide range of early stage companies."

"Keep up the great work!"

"I look forward to Eco-Investor each month. Keep up the good work."









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