Index of Stories

Below is a listing of stories published in Eco Investor since the magazine began in August 2005. The stories can be accessed through the Eco Investor Database. To subscribe to the Database click Here.


October 2012 Edition

People Prefer Sustainable Food

Changes to Portfolio Status Securities

Core Securities
Good Profits and Outlook for Core Securities
Reece Gives Sustainability A Retail Option
APA Group Subordinated Notes Prove Popular

Satellite Securities
CBD Energy Helps Clients Become Grid Independent
CBD Energy Results to Disappoint

Pre-Profit Securities
Vmoto’s Share Price Takes Off
Pre-Profit Securities
Suspending Coverage of EcoQuest
Suspending coverage of European Gas

Unlisted Companies
$10 Million For Low Carbon Innovations
First Investment for Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund
ASSOB Raises $128 Million
Smart Light Bulb Raises $1.3 Million
Australia’s First Home Grown Bioherbicide
Recovering Platinum from Vehicle Catalysts
Algae to Biodiesel Project Successful
More Efficient Water Irrigation
BioGill A Top 50 Water Tech Company
$200 Million Clean Technology Innovation Program Appointments

Bakery Installs Solar Airconditioner
Sustainable Solutions for Apartments

Meet Australia’s Best Environmental Investments at Eco Investor Forum

August 2012 Edition

Takeover Offers Reveal Hidden Value

Core Securities
Sustainable Yield
The Message From Dividends
Sims Falls With Iron and Steel Prices

Pre-Profit Securities
First Sales Test Companies and Investors
Making Plastics Packaging Eco Friendly

Unlisted Companies
Barefoot Power Wins £20,000, Raises US$6 Million
Greenbank Opens Carbon Projects Division
Ignition Labs Picks Five Startups
New Commercialisation Australia Guidelines
ARENA Appointments and Funding Strategy
Portable Device Detects Petrol in Soil
103 Companies Entered CleanTech Competition
Australian Innovation Challenge
Sydney Angels Looking for Entrepreneurs
$200 Million Clean Tech Innovation Program Underway

Greening an Investment Unit
Solar Energy Creation and Storage for the Home


June 2012 Edition

Plenty of Change

Core Securities
Understanding the Ups and Downs of GWA’s Shares
Finding Value in TOX Free Solutions
Gas as Transition Fuel Depends on Price

Pre-Profit Securities
A Hard Road Recycling Tyres

Pre-Revenue Securities
Bioethanol from Bacteria and Waste

Unlisted Companies
Ideas Generator Creates Ocean Thermal Energy Generator
International Share Funds
A Hard Look at International Cleantech

Eco Tourism Opportunity in Shark Bay
Refurbished Offices With High NABERS Outperform

International Bonds
International Climate Bonds Growing Fast

Plenty to Be Positive About
Smart Solutions in a Positive Mood


April 2012 Edition

The Quality of Capital is Strained

Core Securities
Gerard Lighting The Way
Properties that Encourage a Love of Nature

Satellite Securities
Three Concerns with Novarise Renewables

Pre-Profit Securities
Strong Revenue Growth to Continue for Ceramic Fuel Cells

Pre-Revenue Securities
The Future is Closer for Dyesol
The Universe of Pre-Revenue Securities

Unlisted Companies
Cleantech Investment for OneVentures
International Investment in Water Technology

Healthy Rivers Can Mean Healthy House Prices
How to Farm Carbon
Lowest Energy Intensity Office in Australia


February 2012 Edition

Equities Offer More Choice

Core Securities
Core Portfolio Outperformed Index in 2011
Toxfree Acquisition Should Be Positive

More Shareholder Activism Needed

Satellite Universe
Promising Start for Satellite Companies

Pre-Profit Securites
Eco Investor's Universe of Pre-Profit Securities

Pre-Revenue Universe
Researcher Improves Solar PV Efficiency

Unlisted Companies
Australia's First Clean Technology Accelerator

International Funds
A Long/Short Fund for Environmental Equities
Buffet Supports Renewables, But Killer Year for Listed PV Stocks

Envestra Bond at Discount
Bonds, Shares and Term Deposits

International Bonds
A Standard for Climate Bonds


December 2011 Edition

Some Improvement in the Eco Outlook

Portfolio Status - A Core-Satellite Strategy for Environmental Stocks

Core Universe
Understanding Sims Metal Management's Share Volatility
Tassal Passes the Taste Test
Transpacific SPS - Hybrids Benefit
Good Dividends from GWA

Satellite Universe
Transpacific Industries - Cleaning Up
Energy Action Powers On After IPO

Pre-Profit Universe
Some Bumps on the Electric Scooter Road

Pre-Revenue Universe
Earth Heat Becomes A Geothermal Play

Unlisted Companies
Solutions for Coal Seam Gas Water

Initial Public Offerings
Solar Mountings the First IPO on SIM VSE Market

International Fixed Interest
Contact Energy To List Capital Bonds

Building Disclosure Program for Commercial Offices
World Class Green Building


October 2011 Edition

Triple Whammy for Environmental Investors

ASX 100 Companies
Clearer Choice for Gas Investors

ASX 200 Companies
Tidying Up Transpacific

ASX 300 Companies
Which Way Is the Wind Blowing for Infigen?

Micro Cap Companies
A Stock Going Up
Comparing Volcanic Geothermal Companies
First Carbon Nanotubes

Unlisted Companies
Low-cost On Site Hydrogen Production
Algae Can Help Declining Fish Stocks

$35 Million for Green Buildings
Environmental House with the Lot
Responsible Investment in Farmland

International Companies
Unburnable Carbon Bubble On Stock Markets
Performance of 30 Solar Stocks

Award for Sustainability Research

CVC Sustainable Investments


August 2011 Edition

Winners From the Carbon Tax
Capital the Missing Ingredient in Australian Cleantech

Unlisted Funds
Australian Cleantech Profile: CVC Group

International Companies
Top 30 Listed Solar Energy Stocks
Flywheel Energy Storage for Grid and Renewables

ASX 300 Companies
APA Group Shines
BlueGen Proves Efficiency
Emerging Companies
A Solar Energy Led Turnaround

Micro Cap Companies
Coal Seam Gas Reserves
Grid Parity Coming Fast
Many Irons in Greenearth’s Fire
Four Panax Projects in Indonesia
World’s Largest Dye Sensitised Photovoltaic Module
Banana Doors in Egypt
Plenty of Work and First Revenue for Enerji

Unlisted Companies
World Leading Fan Design
Community Wind Farm For Denmark

First Carbon Neutral Busin


June 2011 Edition

International Companies
Are Tesla’s Shares As Good As the Car?

ASX 300 Companies
Many Stocks at 12 Month Lows
Rare Earths Supply And Demand
Electric Batteries to Boost Lithium Demand

Emerging Companies
Energy Developments - Going All The Way With Private Equity
What’s Happening to Clean TeQ’s Share Price?
From Suncreens to Water Savings

Micro Cap Companies
European Gas Starts to Flow
Three Rare Earth And Lithium Explorers
Cell Aquaculture Selling Fish
Plenty of Pressure in Peru
First Improved MetaMizer Ready
Using Solar Energy at Night

Unlisted Companies
Hepburn Wind Connected to Grid
2011 Consensus GreenTech Awards – Call for Nominations

Unlisted Funds
Sidecar Fund for Entrepreneurs and Angels

Land Sale Alternative to Monoculture Plantations

Eco Innovation Forum 2011 - Smart Solutions Meeting Smart Money
Welcome to Eco Innovation Forum 2011


April 2011 Edition

Industry Focus

Six World Leading Solar Energy Companies


Silex Offers Solar and Nuclear Dilemma

ASX 300 Companies

Is Origin Still Green Enough?

Lithium Plant on Schedule for Galaxy Resources

Emerging Companies

Quantum Energy’s Heat Pumps Under Fire

Solco Growth

Micro Cap Companies

An Overseas Lithium Option

Carbon Nanofibres from Eden Energy

Banana Wood in Papyrus Catalog

Unlisted Companies

Second Generation Ethanol Project

International Funds

Long Term Outlook for Cleantech Still Strong

International Companies

New PowerBuoy for Ocean Power Technologies


February 2011 Edition

Industry Focus

Rare Earth Hope and Hype


First Revenue Companies To Watch

Some Glitter Among 2010 Disappointments

Late Surge Saves IPO Raisings

ASX 300 Companies

Eastern Star Gas Furthers Terminal

Micro Cap Companies

Green Earth Energy Diversifies

Panax Geothermal in Indonesia

Petratherm in Spain

RedFlow Improves Batteries

Unlisted Companies

First Order for Industrial Scale Algae Oil System

Café Trials for the QuickIR Cooker


December 2010 Edition

Industry Focus

Is Coal Seam Gas Still a Winner?

International Companies

The Investment Case for Light Emitting Diode (LED) Technology

ASX 300 Companies

How to Value Tox Free Solutions?

Micro Cap Companies

Dying Oceans Need Aquaculture

Enerji Ready to Roll Out

Initial Public Offerings

Two IPOs to Finish a Slow Year

Unlisted Companies

Green DVD Is Here

International Companies

CalPERS Goes Environmentally Positive




November 2010 Edition


An Asset Allocation Strategy for Emerging and Micro Cap Companies

Australian Cleantech Index: Best and Worst

Welcome to Eco Investor Forum 2010

Environmental Challenge Continues to Generate Business Opportunities

ASX 300 Companies

Is Tassal a Good Catch?

Emerging Companies

Novarise Forecasts Increased Profit

Micro Cap Companies

Carnegie Unveils Energy Unit

Unlisted Companies

Six Unlisted Companies at Eco Investor Forum

Unlisted Funds

$100 Million Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund

Fees Structure of Cruelty Free Super


October 2010 Edition


Beware Debt in Emerging Companies

Dividends On Way Back

The Coming Impact of Impact Investing

Unlisted Water, Wave Energy and Bioenergy Companies at Eco Investor Forum

Micro Cap Companies

Surprise Result from Carbon Conscious

Unlisted Companies

Solar Income at No Cost

Panel Board from Rice Waste

Angel Investor Course

Unlisted Funds

Energy Stocks Hit August Investments

Coming Events

10th Annual Sustainability Awards


September 2010 Edition


Why Your Shares Are Down

Profit Season True to Name

Some Good News for Emerging Companies

ASX 300 Companies

Giant Wind Farm and More Gas for AGL

Capital Raising for Ceramic Fuel Cells

$100 Million for Eastern Star Gas

More Gas for Origin

Electronics Recycling Acquisition

Ceasing Coverage of Cleaner Coal

Energy World on OTCQX

Emerging Companies

Maiden Profit for CBD Energy

CMA Sells Division, Appoints Chairman and CEO

FEA Investors May Sue the Company

Chinese Products for Solco

Micro Cap Companies

MediVac Set to Expand with New Machine

Nullarbor Ready to Recycle

Options for Panax

AnaeCo Refines Business Model

More Heat Under New Community

Hot Rock and Greenearth to Benefit

Capital Raising for Eden Energy

No Deal for Mission NewEnergy

More Manufacturing and Distribution for Style

Cornerstone Investor for BluGlass

Geothermal Resources Looks at Shale Gas

Carnegie Gets Wave Licence for NSW

Initial Public Offerings

Algae.Tec Picks Demonstration Plant Site

Unlisted Companies

An Easy New Way to Cook

Two Waste to Energy Projects

H2O to Commence Manufacture

Algae Oil from Bio Carbon Capture

Unlisted Funds

Angel Group Launches First Side-car Fund

Coming Events

Climate Change and the Queensland Economy

Eco Investor Forum 2010




August 2010 Edition


Not Much Policy for Share Prices


What Do The Fund Managers Think?

QUBE Logistics Offers Transport Option

ASX 300 Companies

Harvey Norman to Sell BlueGen Units

AGL and Mosaic Go to Next Step

Arrow Comes to Successful Halt

Debt Raising for APA

Origin Supports Resource Tax, Record Sales

Geodynamics Signs for $90 million Funding

New Chairman At Tox

White Energy Gets Its Target

Emerging Companies

Willmott Shares Suspended

More Profit for Gale Pacific

Solco Forecasts Record Profit

CEO for Environmental Group

Litigation and Board Changes at CMA

Hydromet Pulls Options Raising

Clean TeQ CEO Steps Aside

Viridis Update Coming

Quantum Down

Micro Cap Companies

First Sale For Jatoil

Nanosonics Boosts Production

WestSide Completes Acquisition

Greenearth Energy in Indonesia

Po Valley Share Collapse

Dyesol Progress in Manufacturing

Next Step for PetraTherm

Major Skydome Changes

Carnegie Desalination Funding

Ceasing Coverage of Pacific Enviromin

Dart On The Board

Hot Rock Increases Resource

BluGlass Milestone

AnaeCo Stage 2 Approval

Combined Solar Power and Hot Water Unit on Market

Initial Public Offerings

Algae.Tec Updates Prospectus

Unlisted Companies

Cost Competitive Wave Energy

First Sales and Two World Firsts for Solarsailor

Qld Power Station To Feed Algae

Windesal Acquisition

Sydney Offshore Gas Report

Unlisted Funds

Advocacy Fund Offers Innovative Diversification

International Funds

Water Distribution


July 2010 Edition


No Bounce from New PM


Listing Too Early is Mostly Nonsense

Stylish Alternative for Eco Timber

How investors can work out if a company has potential environmental assets and how those might influence its cash flow and share price

Initial Public Offerings

Algae to Float on ASX

Bioenergy Float Canceled

ASX 300 Companies

APA Leads As Income Security

AGL to Fast-track Wind Farm

More Dart Details

CSIRO Confirms BlueGen Carbon Savings

US Sale for DUET

New MD for Geodynamics

Infigen Proceeds With Sixth Local Wind Farm

TSI Fund Shortlisted for Solar Thermal Project

Transpacific Chairman Says Goodbye

White Energy in ASX 200

Emerging Companies

International Move for CO2 Group

New CEO For Greencap

New Recycling Factory

Micro Cap Companies

Cash flow Acquisition for Cell Aquaculture

Planning Approval for Metgasco Power Station

Share Consolidation for Intec

Carnegie Share Valuation

First Commercial Jatropha Crush for Mission NewEnergy

Dyesol Raises $12 Million

Boost For Cleaner Brown Coal

BluGlass Valuation Milestones

New Chairman for Greenearth

Capital Raising for Green Rock Energy

CBD Completes First Project

Unlisted Companies

Manufacturing Vision for Spark Solar

Unlisted Funds

New Chief Investment Officer for Australian Ethical

Coming Events

Seventh Responsible Investment Conference


June 2010 Edition


Putting a Cap on the Pipe


Debt Reduction Costs Transfield Fund a Wind Farm

Listed Geothermal Stocks - Underperforming or a ‘Buy’ Opportunity?

The Challenge to Invest in a Better Future

Eco Innovation Conference Shows a Positive Future

Welcome to Eco Innovation Forum 2010

ASX 300 Companies

A Boost for Export of LNG from Newcastle

$30 Million Contract for Tox

Dart Energy in China

East Coast Gas Stations

GWA Divestment

Solar Move for Infigen

Emerging Companies

$4.5 Million Raising for Hydromet

Acquisition for DoloMatrix

Clean TeQ Expands Clean Water

New Managing Director for CMA

Micro Cap Companies

AGL Setback for Torrens Energy

BioProspect Extends Share Offer

Capital Rasing for Gas Engines

Chinese Partners for CBD Energy

Dyesol Restructures

First Hythane Engine for Bus Fleet

Hot Rock in Queensland

LNG Leases LNG Site

Mission NewEnergy May Acquire More Jatropha

More Skywater for Island Sky

Nappy Company Gets New Head

US Deal for BluGlass

Wave Energy Progress in Victoria

Unlisted Companies

Big Market for Small Steam Engines

Simple Device Saves Water

New Co-Investments for Australian Solar Institute

Unlisted Funds

Fund To Bank Renewable Energy Certificates

11.4 Per Cent Return For CVC

Three Exits for Cleantech Fund

Resignation of Australian Ethical’s Chief Investment Officer


Marine Debris: Finding Local Solutions to a Global Problem


May 2010 Edition


Keep Thinking About Carbon


Getting Ready for a NSW Gas Boom?

Which Renewables Will Be Competitive?

Forest Enterprises in Receivership

Forum for Environmental Entrepreneurs and Investors

ASX 300 Companies

Infigen Says Yes to France, No to US and Germany

Game Changer for White Energy

APA Buys More Hastings Fund

First Power for Geodynamics in 2012

HDF to Redeem TAPS

Change at the Top for Transpacific Industries

Europe Wide Approval for Ceramic Fuel Cells

Emerging Companies

Another Sale and Restructure for Viridis

Plastics Recycler Lists on ASX

DoloMatrix In Carbon Nanotubes

Micro Cap Companies

Construction Joint Venture for AnaeCo

Blue Energy to Power Gas Vehicles

CBD Energy Heads for Profit

Panax Produces Steam

WestSide Secures $64 million for Dawson Acquisition

More South America for Hot Rock

Unlisted Companies

Making Houses Self Sufficient in Water

Wind Powered Water for Regional Towns

WA’s Biggest Wind Farm Sold

Hepburn Wind Farm to Begin Construction

Coming Events

Solar and Wind Energy Conference


So tell me again - how much is my IP worth? Systematic approaches to valuing the IP of technology companies.



April 2010 Edition


The Endless Boom


Opportunity or Risk in Low Share Prices?

Greencap - New Board, New Focus

Can China Boost Orbital Corporation?

How To Identify Environmental Investments

ASX 300 Companies

Arrow Shares A Winner

Tox Free In ASX 300

Cleaner Coal for China

AGL and APA in Pipeline Deal

More Fuel Cell Orders

Climate Control Acquisition for GWA

December Half Loss for Eastern Star Gas

Unbroken Profit Growth for Origin

Japanese Partner for Energy World

Possible Litigation for Transpacific Industries

Emerging Companies

Institutional Support for Clean TeQ

Micro Cap Companies

Strong Revenue Growth for Pacific Energy

More Revenue for Carbon Conscious

Capital Raising Follows European Geothermal Deal

Second Largest Heat for KUTh

Success for Ligno Cellulosic Ethanol Pilot Tri

Another Biodiesel Splutter

US Glass Collaboration for Dyesol

Geothermal Action

Unlisted Companies

IPO After Successful Biogas Trial

International Partnership for Solar Coatings Company

Lend Lease Ventures into Solar Hot Water and Wireless Lighting

Smart Energy Software for Property Fund

US/ New Zealand Algae Project

Oceanlinx Launches Third Generation Wave Energy Model

Unlisted Funds

August Investments To Raise Capital

Venture Fund Raises $40 Million

Calling New Venture Capitalists

International Funds

International Equities Fund Change Almost Complete


Australia's Abundant Energy Resources

Australia's Renewable Energy Future

Clean Energy Trends 2010

More Energy Efficiency

The Future

Pedal Generator Replaces Kerosene Lamps

Australia-first Control of Contaminated Groundwater

National Cane Toad Plan


March 2010 Edition


Drawing The Environmental Line


Healthy Interim Profit Season

Industry Focus

Promise and Caution in Medical Waste

ASX 300 Companies

APA Security Purchase Plan

Arrow To Own Entire LNG Project

Coal Seam Gas Joint Venture For Origin

Energy Developments Taken Over

Geodynamics-and Origin in New Geothermal Venture

GWA Sells Lawnmower Division

More Sales for Ceramic Fuel Cells

Placement for Marion Energy

Shareholder Gets More Infigen

Three Deals for AGL

Emerging Companies

Capital Raising for CMA

CO2 Deal Tripled in Value

FEA Shares in Halt

Hydromet Raises $0.7 Million

Viridis to Sell UK Wind Asset

Micro Cap Companies

Accounting Profit for Intec

AnaeCo Placement

Approval for Chemical Substitute for Termites

Big Boost For Eden Energy

Clean Seas Shares Plunge

Drilling Success For Torrens Energy

European Fund Invests $2 million in Cell Aquaculture

First Order for Eco Quest

German Subsidiary for Dyesol

Improving Outlook for Electrometals Technologies

Jatoil Expects First Oil This Year

Phoslock’s Nutrient Magnet Returns Home

Initial Public Offerings

Recycling Plastics IPO

Unlisted Companies

Solar Thermal Company Going International

BioPower Site in Victoria

Nuclear Giant to Acquire Ausra

Silex to Acquire Solar Systems Assets

Unlisted Funds

Fund Ups EGL Stake

International Funds

Australian Ethical Fund to Focus on Smart Energy


ASX 200 Carbon Up 10 Per Cent

Global Wind Power Boom Continues

Investors Up Reporting Pressure

Zero Carbon By 2020

The Future

A Future for Compressed Air Energy Storage

All Electric Taxi

New Plant for Salt Affected Land

Pest Resistant Clover

Solar Cells from Common Materials

Sugar Boost for Biofuels

Coming Events

Solar Energy Trends


February 2010 Edition


Time to Back the Technology Punter

Industry Focus

Plugging Into Oceans of Energy


Clean Tech Deals for Angel and High Net Worth Investors

Research Opportunities for Second Generation Biofuels

ASX 300 Companies

Busy Period For Origin Energy

Arrow To Own LNG Production

First BlueGen Sales In Europe for Ceramic Fuel Cells

DUET Injects Equity

Energy Developments Goes Down Fighting

APA Buys Into Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund

Hastings To Expand Gas Pipeline

Grant for Geodynamics in Hunter Valley, NSW

No Distribution From New Look Infigen

Marion Energy Starts Production

Sims Raises $41 Million

New Hatchery for Tassal

Results Forecast for Transpacific

More Gas for Eastern Star

Emerging Companies

CMA Upgrades Profit Guidance

Profit Upgrade for Gale Pacific

Hydromet Expects Profit

Tox Share Plan Oversubscribed

Revenue Upgrade for Clean TeQ

New MD for Greencap

Micro Cap Companies

Jackgreen In Administration

Power Ride for Apollo Gas

US$3.5 Billion Deal for Mission NewEnergy

WestSide to Acquire Producing Coal Gas Fields

Jatoil Eyes Inter-crops and First Revenues

CBD Energy Looks for $27.5 Million

Clean Sheet for Clean Seas

Grants for Five Geothermals

More Geothermal Land In Chile

Progress for Petratherm

Dyesol Expands Japanese Operations

AnaeCo Completes Performance Trial

KUTh Energy Raises Capital with Placement

$25 Million Grant for Greenearth Energy

Merger Talks for Australian Renewable Fuels

Intec Recycling Spent Pickle Liquor

Unlisted Companies

Small Hydro Power Projects in Australia and Asia

Recycling and Gas Raisings

Unlisted Funds

$64 Million for Venture Capital

August Investments Supports Community Wind Project

International Funds

Change Has Arrived

Ascalon Buys Into Arkx


Clean Energy Technology To Be World’s Third Biggest Industry

Sustainability Policy for Bioenergy

The Next Wave in Biofuels

Distributed Energy Can Save Billions

Gas’ Future Still Getting Brighter

Decade of Progress for Offshore Wind

The Market for Smart Grid Technologies

Private Sector Can Transform World Water

The Case for Water Equity Investing

Managing Climate Change Adaptation

Commercialisation Australia Open to Applications

The US PV Market to 2013

The Future

World-first Clean-up of Acid Wetlands

Low Grade Heat for First Geothermaly Cooled City

Boost for Energy Intelligence Software

Tree Free Paper Products

Heat Engine for Halving Coal Fired Emissions

First Australian Solar Institute Grants

Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Multiple Uses For Micro-photovoltaics

Tidal Energy Grant


December 2009 Edition


The True Cost of Coal


The Whole of Commercialization Approach to Innovation

How Strong is the Intellectual Property of your Investment Target?

ASX 300 Companies:

Energy Developments - A View On Value

PEP Bid For Energy Developments

Ceramic Fuel Cells Appoints BlueGen Retailer

Smart Meters Arrive

Eastern Star Gas In Production

Infigen A Growth Company

$90 Million for Geodynamics

Sims Raising $475 Million

Arrow Energy Starts Drilling in Indonesia

Emerging Companies:

Viridis Sells German Wind Farms

Willmott Progresses Ethanol Plant

Good Start for Tox

Mining Work for Clean TeQ

$6 Million Boost for CO2

DoloMatrix Remuneration Report Voted Down

EGL Dividend

Gale Pacific Shares Rise

Quantum Shares Fall

Micro Cap Companies:

Po Valley Energy In Production

Petratherm Likes 2010

More Progress For Dyesol

Intec Turns the Corner

Two Big Deals for CBD Energy

Major Gas Discovery in NSW

New CEO for Jackgreen

Capital Raising for Cleaner Coal

Mission NewEnergy May List in US

Work Program for Hot Rock

More Capital for KUTh Energy

Solar Tower A Third Technology

Capital Raising for Carnegie

Initial Public Offerings:

Biomass IPO With Early Mover Advantage

Unlisted Companies:

Ethanol Fireplaces Replace Gas and Wood

$66 Million for Ocean Power

Electric Cars A Better Place for $25 Million

CSIRO Technology Cuts Buildings’ Energy

Algae Research Facility

Hepburn Wind Gets Closer

Unlisted Funds:

CVCSI Sells Carbon Conscious

Victorian Fires Hit Hastings Hancock Timber Fund

New Manager a Change


Climate Change Across Asset Classes

Responsible Investment Outperforms

Water Future for Tasmania

Aquaponics an Emerging Industry

The Future:

Large Scale Biochar Project

Commercial Scale Biochar

World Leading Algae for Biofuel Project

Small Wind Vertical Axis Turbine

Recycling TVs, Computers and Tyres

$50 Million for Australia India Research Fund

Energy Efficiency Scheme for Offices

Solar Shingle a Top 50 Invention

PV Light Without Heat


November 2009 Edition


Population is Good for Innovation


Using Indices to Go International

Eco Investor Forum Shows Energy and Appetite for Environmentally Positive Products

Successful Investors Will Bring Growth

The Story Behind the UNPRI Delisting

ASX 300 Companies:

Ceramic Fuel Cells Opens German Plant

Energy Developments Rejects Offers; Shares Worth Over $4

New Works Program for Geodynamics

$40 Million Raising for Eastern Star Gas

Envestra Forecasts $40 Million Profit

AGL Forecasts Its 2010 Profit

APA on Track

Arrow Energy to Expand Coal Gas Project


Origin Progresses Solar Technology, Buys More Gas

Sims Returns to Profit

$35 Million Recapitalization for Marion Energy

DUET Aid for Investors

Emerging Companies:

CMA Raises $25 million

Forest Enterprises Raises $39.5 Million

No Merger for Greencap

Hydromet to raise $10 Million

Gorgon Contract for Tox Free Solutions

Willmott Raises $20.5 Million

Solco sales up, profit down

$7 Million Quarterly Profit for Quantum

Micro Cap Companies:

First Sales for Papyrus Banana Products

Carbon Conscious to Plant 10 Million Trees

CBD Energy Sale in China

Site for First Carnegie Wave Project

Executive Changes at Dyesol

Reclaim Commences Recycling in NSW

Acquisition Drives BioProspect’s Share price

Capital for Clean Seas Tuna

Solar Tower Wins Approval

BluGlass Wins $5 Million Grant

Torrens Energy Confirms Heat

Metgasco Secures Two Permits

Phoslock Awaits EU Approval

Unlisted Companies:

Six Unlisted Companies Pitch at Eco Investor Forum

BioPower Projects in San Francisco and Spain

Equity Raising for Battery Maker

Unlisted Funds:

New Property Fund From Australian Ethical


Opportunities From A Low Carbon Future

Toyota Dominates Hybrid Cars Patents

Green Investing Resources

Launch of Commercialization Australia

Australian Centre for Renewable Energy

When Fossil Fuels Need Protection

The Future:

Native Plants Ease Methane Burp

Environmental Risk From Illegal Drug Factories

Surgical Instrument Cleaning Breakthrough

Growing Threat From E-waste

Nanotubes Speed up Desalination

Identifying Dangerous Heavy Metals

Easily Recharged Redox Flow Batteries for Electric Cars

Windmills Make Water

Replacing the Light, Not the Fixtures


October 2009 Edition


Geothermals Have Global Ambitions


Dividend Stocks Hold Up

Clean Energy Innovation Centre Fuels Innovation

Six Unlisted Companies at Eco Investor Forum

ASX 300 Companies:

Ceramic Fuel Cells In ASX 300

Blue Energy Enters S&P ASX 300

Australian Wind Opportunity ‘Fantastic’ for Infigen

Right Hot Water Moves for GWA

APA Enters S&P ASX 100 Index

Morandah Power Station Opens

Japan To Buy CSG From Arrow

Falling Losses For Eastern Star Gas

More Wind Deals for AGL

LNG Deal for Energy World Corporation

Loss for Marion Energy

Emerging Companies:

Record Profit and Maiden Dividend for Solco

Forest Enterprises Raises $39.5 million

Willmott to Raise $20 million

Expansion Plan for Hydromet

DoloMatrix Shares Double

Micro Cap Companies:

Origin Energy Backs Eden Energy Geothermal Project

Chile Project and New Director for Hot Rock

Another Wind Project for CBD Energy

Petratherm’s Geothermal Plan for Canary Islands

AnaeCo Looks to Stage 2

Shareholders Wave Through Carnegie Changes

Coal Seam Gas Flows Increasing Ahead of Target for WestSide

Finance for World’s Largest Cleaner Coal Facility

Unlisted Companies:

Soybiodiesel Plant for Port Kembla

Solar Thermal Project for Qld

Second Generation Biofuel Plant

Unlisted Funds:

Lower Fees for Renamed Ethical Equities Trust

One Ventures in Business with $40 Million

International Funds:

Russell Opens Global Climate Change Fund

Impax Tops Up With Transpacific

Deep Green Fund Positive Again


New Office Balances Health and the Environment

Australian Ethical Property Trust


Making Geothermal Energy Cheaper

Asset Consultants Slow on Climate Change

Australia Closer to Smart Grid

Consultations On New R&D Tax Credit

Climate Stocks Give Better Returns

NSX Plans Cleantech Exchange

Inquiry’s MIS Recommendations

The Future:

New Solar Power World Record

From Ashes to Fireproof Concrete

Turning Stormwater into Drinking Water

Waste to Green Roads

Microbes Can Get Too Hot Eating Contamination

Preparing for Electric Vehicles

Recycling Old Mattresses

Keeping Salt Out Of the Murray

Google Plans Cheaper Solar Mirror

Bins to Reduce Contaminated Recyclables

First Consumer Battery Recycling Bins

Nanopollution is Here


September 2009 Edition


Comparing Energy Costs is Bunkum

Industry Focus:

Wind Sector Picks Up Speed


Big Wins and Losses in Reporting Season

Forum Lets Investors Meet Their Investments

ASX 300 Companies:

Arrow Shares Reach Record

Eastern Star Increases Gas

RET a Winner for Energy Developments

Further Delay for Geodynamics

Three Appointments to Clean Energy Council Board

Origin Picks LNG Site

Marion Energy Gets Ready to Sell

Ceasing Coverage of Molopo

Transpacific Completes Recapitalization

Emerging Companies:

Emerging Companies Gain Profile

Viridis Internalization Approved

Share Purchase Plan for CMA

Merger for Greencap

Water Acquisition for Clean TeQ

Micro Cap Companies:

Waste to Energy and Waste to Compost Works

Jackgreen Management Changes

CETO Acquisition Fair

BluGlass Raises $4 Million

Petratherm Wins Spanish Support

CBD Increases Solar Sales

Solar Steel Roofing Moves Ahead

EnviroMission Moving Forward

Aeris Environmental Raising

WestSide Expands Coal Seam Gas

Green Rock Energy Raises Capital

Unlisted Companies:

Expanding Eco Sanctuary on Kangaroo Island

Wellness Eco Resort and Village

BioPower Partners With Siemens

Oceanlinx Secures International Funding

Lend Lease Ventures in Windlab

Unlisted Funds:

$64 Million for Venture Funds


Best Selling Venture Capital Book

A Bigger Role for Solar Thermal

Wholesale Investors Like Cleantech

The Future:

Perennial Cover for Green Farming and Carbon Storage

Cape tulips – pretty but pests in pastures

Biofuel Crop Research

Cheaper Solar Cells

Better Photovoltaics

$US32.5 Million for UltraBattery

More Efficient Airconditioner

Silent Micro Wind Turbine

Brewery Makes Water and Energy

Big Move for Hydrogen Hybrid Car

Fuel Cell for Motorcycles

Solar Shingle

First US Solar Tower Lights Up

Cement that Absorbs Carbon


August 2009 Edition


Best Culture Should Run Forestry

Industry Focus:

No Immediate Solution in Cleaner Coal


Eco Stocks Outbounce S&P ASX 300 Index

ASX 300 Companies:

New US Policy Could Benefit Aussie Cleantechs

Shell Sticks With Arrow Energy

Santos Buys Into Eastern Star Gas

Envestra Refinances

GWA Announces Trading Update

Another Acquisition for Sims

Transfield Fund Writes Down Power Station

Transpacific Shares Recommence Trading

AGL to Power Desalination Plant

HDF Retail Raising Under-subscribed

Emerging Companies:

Gunns Storms FEA Register

Worst is Behind Us, Says CMV

CO2 Group Shares Fly

Viridis Vote

Willmott Suggestions to Improve Managed Investment Schemes

Quantum Shares Triple

Micro Cap Companies:

More Carbon Storage For Carbon Conscious

Green Rock Energy to Develop WA’s Geothermal Project

KUTh Share Price Warms Up

Island Sky to Export Water Machines

Institutions Reduce Babcock Stake in Jackgreen

Dyesol Opens US Office, Korean Pilot Plant

WestSide’s First Coal Seam Gas Certified

Another Loss for Skydome

New Water Products for Refresh

Lower Costs, Higher Orders

Phoslock Increases Sales

Unlisted Companies:

First Small Wind Installation

Sweet Investment In Fuel and Food

Hepburn Wind Ready to Roll

XeroCoat Wins US Government Grant

International Funds:

Closure of Retail Australian Ethical World Trust

Impax Beats Market


Coal Gas to LNG is Liquid Gold

Global Environmental Investment Grows Strongly

Culture Change Among Global Investors

Solar Thermal Strong in Europe

Private Equity Likes Cleantech

The Future:

Biomineral Agriculture Nurtures the Soil

Wave Power Prototype in the Water

Smart Grid On the Way

New Fireproof Plastic Coatings

Solar Car Needs Only A Hair Dryer

Creative Water Cleaning

Transparent Solar Cells

Solar Tent

Printable Batteries

Wind With Battery Storage

Greenlight For First Eco Towns


July 2009 Edition


Opportunities in the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy

Industry Focus:

Aquaculture A Mixed Catch for Investors


Jatoil Supports Australian Biojet Industry

ASX 300 Companies:

Transpacific to Raise $800 Million

Energy Developments Gets Offers

$250 Million Capital Raising for Hastings Fund

Infigen Buys More Wind Assets

AGL Acquires Two Wind Farm Developments

APA Increases Distribution

Molopo Enters ASX 200

Origin Lowers Its Full Year Guidance

TSI Review’s Its Capital Structure

Arrow Plant a Significant Project

DUET Distribution

Emerging Companies:

$75 Million Carbon Sink Project

Hazardous Wastes Joint Venture

Sales Down But Good Returns for FEA

Willmott Woodlots Sales Strong

Good and Bad for Clean TeQ

Micro Cap Companies:

First Sales for Non-Toxic Surgical Instrument Sterilizer

Positive Profit Guidance From Solco

Blue Energy Raises $22.3 million

Mission NewEnergy Raises US$26.8 Million

Petratherm Starts Drilling

$0.9 Million for Geothermal Resources

CBD Energy to Raise $5.6 Million

Carbon Conscious Keeps Gains

Working Capital for Hydrotech

Unlisted Companies:

Organic and Low Chemical Fertilizers

Geothermal Drill for Hire

Opening of First Wood Pellet Plant


Australian Solar Innovation Is Flat

Native Vegetation Model for Carbon Credit Plantations

33 Per Cent Renewables Target for SA Hinges on Infrastructure

Renewable Energy Production

The Employment Impact of Climate Change Policies

Strong Prospects for US Wind

The Future:

Low Carbon Bricks

On-site Soil Cleaning Technology

New Plants to Reduce Livestock Emissions

Paper from Sugar Waste

Self Compacting Solar Powered Rubbish Bins

The End of Gas Flares?


June 2009 Edition


Good News For Green Innovation

Industry Focus:

Hot and Cold on Geothermal Investments


Forestry Companies Put Best Foot Forward

ASX 300 Companies:

Missing Gas Link Connects Eastern Australia

HDF Rejects Epic Takeover

APA Raises $185 million in US

Smart Meter Rollout

Infigen Updates Investor Pack

Coal Gas Power Station

Envestra Upgrades Profit Forecast

Geodynamics’ Well Under Control

Origin Boosts Low Carbon Energy

Recovery for Sims Shares

Emerging Companies:

Viridis Buys Its Manager, Readies to Sell Euro Wind Assets

Two Orders For Environmental Group

Forest Enterprises and Forests NSW in 20 Year Deal

Reset for Willmott PINES

Micro Cap Companies:

Mini Power Station for the Home

BluGlass Looks To Solar Energy and Korea

Carnegie Simplifies Ownership of Wave Technology

Water Treatment Gets Busy

Jackgreen Capital Raising

$9.4 million for Dyesol

More Acquisitions for Pacific Environment

EnviroMission Raises Capital

Cleaner Coal Raising Popular

LNG Raises $10.5 million

AnaeCo Raises $5 Million

Hot Rock Raises $2.5 Million

Jatoil To Power Philippines

Unlisted Companies:

MBD Captures Loy Yang Carbon Emissions

Portable Detector for Infectious Micro-Organisms

Solar Shop Wins Private Equity

Unlisted Funds:

Receivership For Eco Resorts

International Funds:

Low Period for ANZ Climate Change Fund

Impax Fund Holds Its Value


Help for Innovative Companies

Global Renewables Still Growing But More Slowly

Strong Growth in Small Wind


Ethical Property Fund Perhaps?

Green Loans for Climate Change

The Future:

Combined Solar Power and Hot Water Unit for Homes

Solar Panel that Heats, Cools and Ventilates

Rabbits Fighting Back

Drinking Water Watched by Wireless Sensors

Low-Cost Natural Gas from Algae

New Way to Harvest Wave Power


May 2009 Edition


Timing Will Always be Important


Balance Sheet Balance in a Credit Crunch

Business Angels Look to Cleantech

ASX 300 Companies:

Acquisition Increases Arrow’s Gas

DUET Raising Oversubscribed

Final Loan Note Payment From Envestra

Incident at Geodynamics Well

GWA Lowers Debt

Hastings Defers Incentive Fee

Board Changes at Infigen Energy

More CSG for Origin

Emerging Companies:

A Fast Growing Environmental Consultancy

Viridis Suspends Distributions To Reduce Debt

$11 million Quarterly Profit

Record Revenue But Tox Lowers Forecast

Clean TeQ Awarded Climate Grant

CMA Moves In USA

Micro Cap Companies:

KUTh Finds Geothermal Heat in Tasmania

Hot Rock Finds Hot Rocks

Restructure Creates Leaner Green Invest

Ceramic Fuel Cells Raises Capital; Starts Legal Action

Dyesol Capital Raising and Manufacturing Contract

Up to $250 Million in Support for Carnegie

AnaeCo Completes Wet Commissioning

Eden Energy Gathers Pace

EnviroMission Subsidiary In US

Initial Public Offerings:

Jatropha Grower Readies for Float

Unlisted Companies:

Chemical-Free Clothing Can Also Be Fashionable

Green Cement Company Raises $5 Million

Lower Cost Solar Energy

More Capital For Ausra

Hepburn Re-opens Fund Raising

Unlisted Funds:

Mariner Coastal Investment Fund Suspends Distributions

International Funds:

DWS Closes Climate Change Fund

Carbon Footprint of US Funds

International Companies:

New Zealand Wind Farm Developer

International Fixed Interest:

Contact Raises NZ$550 Million in Bonds


Environmental Apartments on the Queensland Coast


Renewable Energy Mandate Extended

Interest in WA Geothermal Acreage

US Solar Energy Still Hot

The Future:

Better Rubber Tyre Recycling

Tastier Saltbush for Dry Australia

Software Simulates Entire Cities

Electric Cars to Power Grid



April 2009 Edition


Australia Has An Obligation To Lead


Australia’s First Green Fund Still Performing


Draft Carbon Legislation Open For Comment

Energy Network Infrastructure and Climate Change

Clean Energy Trends for 2009

2009 a Pivotal Year for Carbon Sequestration

Super Funds at ‘First Base’ on Climate Change

Easier Green Business in NSW

Productivity Gain for Pine Plantations

Emerging Market Companies Catching Up On Environment

Flat Global Photovoltaic Demand

Ecohotels for Sustainable Tourism

ASX 300 Companies:

Eco Stocks Move Up indices

$265 Million Capital Raising for DUET Group

Fall for HDF Securities

B&B Wind Partners to Become Infigen Energy

Arrow Sells Pure Stake to BG

Eastern Star Gas Raises $50 Million

Sale Boosts Molopo Profit

Energy Developments Cancels European Sale Talks

Origin To Reduce Carbon Emissions

TSI Directors Buy Low

APA Directors Buy Up, Predict Good Full Year

Geodynamics Completes Proof of Concept

AGL to Build Hallett 4

Emerging Companies:

Strong Profit for Environmental Group

More Revenue From Carbon Sinks

Gale Pacific Rights Issue A Little Short

Chinese Battery Recycling Partnership

Profitable Half Year for Viridis

Profit Growth for Willmott

Micro Cap Companies:

All Ordinaries Turning Green

Pacific Enviromin Acquires Water Company

New Life for Australian Biodiesel

Hot Rock at Proof-of-Concept Stage

WestSide Steps Up Coal Seam Gas Search

Big Loss for Liquefied Natural Gas

Tyre Recycler Lowers Costs

Commercial Waste Treatment Contract for Intec

Dyesol-Timo Moves Closer to Manufacture

White Energy in US Merger

Unlisted Companies:

Sustainable Building Prefabrication System For Licence

More Capital For Venture Funds and Start-ups

Introduction to Angel Investing

Unlisted Funds:

RedFire Makes First Investment

Award for Australian Ethical Super Fund

International Funds:

Global Fund for Australian Investors

International Companies:

Biofuel From Wild Algae

Carbonscape Shortlisted for UK Climate Change Competition

The Future:

Stormwater Harvesting Study

Dual Water Use Project

$32 million for Soil Carbon Research

Progress for Biodiesel from Algae

Using Carbon Dioxide in Plastics

Manufacturer for Mallee Harvester


SA Introduces Sustainable Building Innovation Fund


Companies and funds featured in previous editions of Eco Investor magazine.

April 2008 Edition

Origin Energy

Sims Group

AGL Energy

Queensland Gas Company

Transpacific Industries

Duet Group

Babcock & Brown Wind Partners

Arrow Energy

APA Group


Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund

Transfield Services Infrastructure Fund

Sunshine Gas

Energy Developments


Tassal Group

Clean TeQ Holdings

Aeris Environmental


February 2008 Edition

APA Group


Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund

TAPS Trust

Babcock & Brown Wind Partners

Viridis Clean Energy Group

Tox Free Solutions

Australis Aquaculture


Envitec Energy

DWS Global Climate Change Fund

Curcas Energy

Mission Biofuels

Australian Biodiesel Group

Australian Renewable Fuels

Natural Fuel

Sterling Biofuels International

Agri Energy


December 2007 Edition

AnaeCo Ltd

Carnegie Corporation Ltd

Skydome Holdings Ltd

Reclaim Industries Ltd

CBD Energy Ltd

Babcock & Brown Wind Partners Group

Hunter Hall Global Deep Green Trust

ArkX Carbon Fund

Alternative Fuels & Energy


October 2007 Edition

Sims Group Ltd

KUTh Energy Ltd


Mariner Coastal Investment Fund

Generation Global Sustainability Fund

MFS Water Fund

Australian Ethical World Trust

Earth Systems Technologies


August 2007 Edition

Energy Developments Ltd

Environmental Group Ltd

Wind Hydrogen Ltd

Western Kingfish Ltd

Blue Energy Ltd

Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund

Perpetual Water Ltd

Baleen Filters Pty Ltd

PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy Portfolio


June 2007 Edition

Eastern Star Gas

Arrow Energy NL

Queensland Gas Company

CMA Corporation



White Energy Company

Credit Suisse PL 100 World Water Trust

MFS Water Fund

CVC Sustainable Investments



April 2007 Edition

Alinta Ltd Envestra Ltd

Willmott Forests Ltd

Torrens Energy Ltd

MQ Gateway

Green And Gold Energy Pty Ltd

Geo-Processors Pty Ltd

EESTech Inc

Solar Coast Cats Pty Ltd


February 2007 Edition

Origin Energy Ltd

Alinta Ltd

Transpacific Industries Ltd

CBD Energy Ltd

CVC Sustainable Investments

Macquarie Clean Technology Fund

Australian Ethical World Trust

Emerald Technology Ventures

CSM Energy Ltd



December 2006 Edition

Natural Fuel Ltd

Cell Aquaculture Ltd

Green Rock Energy Ltd

AGL Energy Ld

Australian Pipeline Trust

Viridis Clean Energy Group

Hunter Hall Global Deep Green Trust

Centre for Energy and Greenhouse Technologies

Solar Coast Cats

BIS Cleanaway Holdings Ltd

Aurora Housing Project


October 2006 Edition

DoloMatrix International

Eden Technology

Sterling Biofuels International

Australian Biodiesel Group

Australian Gas Light Company


Axiom Energy

Babcock & Brown Wind Partners

Christian Super

Wind Water


TTT Emerging Asia Mutual Fund


August 2006 Edition

Pure Energy Resources Ltd

Arrow Energy Ltd

Transpacific Industries Group Ltd

Geodynamics Ltd

Attunga Capital Pty Ltd

BioWorks Australia Pty Ltd

Stafford International Timberland Fund III


June 2006 Edition

Mission Biofuels Ltd

Axiom Energy Ltd

Australian Renewable Fuels Ltd

Australian Biodiesel Group Ltd

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited

Westpac Landcare Term Deposit

Tidal Energy Pty Ltd

BioPower Systems Pty Ltd

BioForest Dual Income Project 2006

Hunter Hall Australian Value Trust

Australian Ethical Equities Trust

Challenger Socially Responsive Fund

AMP Capital Sustainable Australian Share Fund

BT Australian Sustainability Share Fund


April 2006 Edition

Australian Ethanol Limited

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited

Cumminscorp Ltd

Yang Yang China Holdings Limited

SunnyWipes Pty Ltd

World Resources Institute

Austral Waste Group:

Baxter Group Ltd

Coffey International Ltd

Environmental Group Ltd

Environmental Solutions International

GRD Limited

Hydromet Corporation Ltd




SteriCorp Ltd

Tox Free Solutions Ltd

Transpacific Industries Group

Waste Management NZ


February 2006 Edition

Snowy Hydro Ltd

Sims Group

CMA Corporation Limited

Smorgon Steel (Metalcorp Recyclers)

CDS Technologies

Environmental Solutions International

GRD Australia

Babcock & Brown Environmental Investments Ltd

Viridis Clean Energy Group

Australian Biodiesel Group Ltd

Austral Waste Group Ltd

Geothermal Resources Ltd

Bindy-Rinda Consulting Pty Ltd

Cool Energy Ltd


December 2005 Edition

Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd


CVC Sustainable Investments Ltd

Papyrus Australia Ltd

Sunline Ag

Babcock & Brown Wind Partners

Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd


TecEco Pty Ltd


October 2005 Edition

Alinta Infrastructure Holdings

Axiom Energy Ltd

EnviroMission Ltd

Arrow Energy NL

Incident Screen Pty Ltd

Energetech Australia Pty Ltd

Woodside Petroleum

Santos Ltd

Australian Pipeline Trust

Alinta Infrastructure Holdings

DUET Group


Origin Energy

Australian Gas Light

Alinta Ltd

Viridis Clean Energy Group

Australian Sustainable Investments Fund

Macquarie Clean Technology Fund

GridX Power Pty Ltd


August 2005 Edition

CMA Corporation Ltd

Dyesol Ltd

CVC Sustainable Investments Ltd

Rotec Design Ltd

World Wide Coatings Holdings Pty Ltd (T/A TAG Technology)





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