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Environmental Markets Opportunity
It's not often an investment presents itself which concurrently generates both high financial and environmental returns. Today I am writing about an investment which is focused upon ticking both of these boxes, EnviroCap (short for Environmental Capital). EnviroCap is aiming to establish a market leading position within Australia's environmental investment sector... More

New Cleantech Seed Fund
The Clean Energy Seed Fund has been launched by Artesian Venture Partners to invest in 30 to 50 emerging clean energy startups. The $20 million fund starts with a $10 million cornerstone commitment from the Clean Energy Innovation Fund managed by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation in what is the first investment by the Clean Energy Innovation Fund. More

Pangaea Impact Investments Invests in Pollinate Energy
A leading Australian social enterprise that is bringing solar energy to the makeshift slums of India has won an investment from Pangaea Impact Investments. Pollinate Energy sells products such solar lights and water filters to the very poor in four Indian cities. Its best selling product is an environmentally friendly solar light that reduces the harmful effects of kerosene and over time is significantly cheaper. More

Two Investments by Southern Cross Ventures
Southern Cross Venture Partners has made two new investments in unlisted companies: waste water technology innovator BioGill, and US$3 million in Geli, a supplier of design, automation, and management software for the energy storage industry. More

Nano-Nouvelle Boosts Lithium Battery Performance
Battery technology innovator Nano-Nouvelle has developed world-leading nanotechnology that can boost the energy storage capacity of lithium ion batteries by up to 50 per cent, and is aiming to have its first sales within two years. Chief executive, Stephanie Moroz said the company is working with battery manufacturers in Japan, Korea, China, Europe, USA and Israel to integrate its technology with their cell designs and manufacturing processes. More

E Buys Daintree Networks
Daintree Networks, an Australian start-up with building automation and energy efficiency solutions, has been acquired by US giant, GE. The acquisition is by Current, an energy start-up within GE. Current utilizes GE's LED and onsite power businesses and the GE Predix platform to deliver a cost effective energy management platform for clients. The Predix platform can securely connect third party devices and assets to the Industrial Internet. More

Australia's First Commercial Graphene Plant
The discoverers of graphene won the Nobel Prize in 2010, but if you haven't heard of graphene you're not alone. It's a high-tech material that can be used as an ultra thin coating - think half a dozen atoms or so, yet is said to be a hundred times stronger than steel. Graphene is described as the first two dimensional material, and is classed as a ‘super-material' due to its extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity, its strength, its ability not to interact or dissolve in water, its impermeability to all gases, and its ability to stretch like rubber... More

New Clean Innovation Fund Stirs Controversy
The Federal Government's new Clean Energy Innovation Fund has drawn both praise and criticism, but I think the Clean Energy Council (CEC) summed it up well when it said it is two steps forward and one step back for clean energy innovation. However a harsher critic could argue it is one step forward and one step back. More

Energy Efficient Signage Ready to Light Up
The inventor of an energy efficient and easy-to-change signage system is now ready to start manufacturing and distributing the technology. John Brennan says his Rotosign uses minimal power and can run off a simple D cell battery as well as from the mains and solar power, offering significant cost savings over conventional neon and fluorescent backlit signage which can use over 15 times more power and have issues with toxic waste. More

US$36 Million for Solar Storage Company
Sunverge Energy has received US$36.5 million in a new round of venture capital to help it commercialize its battery technology that it says is world-leading and about to boost the uptake of residential energy storage in Australia. The latest funding round included US$20 million from new investor, AGL Energy, which invested alongside current investors the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), Softbank China Venture Capital (SBCVC), Siemens Venture Capital and Total Energy Ventures International. More

Modular Solar Desalination System
Solar Blue Innovations is finalizing R&D and commencing commercialization for its innovative modular solar desalination system that can deliver up to 65,000 litres of potable water per year at a capital cost of less than 10 cents per litre. The SolarWell is similar in size to a solar hot water system. It uses a thermal MED (multi effect distillation) technology and can easily desalinate grey water, sea water, bore water or water tainted by pathogens or heavy metals. More

Cleaning the Oceans Takes Off
Two young entrepreneurs have created an impressive amount of media coverage and had their youtube videos viewed over 2 million times with an innovation that can help capture plastics and other pollution in the oceans and keep them cleaner. The founders of Seabin Pty Ltd, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, have also raised US$267,767 from 7,360 backers to fund their innovation through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This is already over their target. More

New $200 Million Bioenergy Fund
The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has made available $100 million for a new Australian Bioenergy Fund to accelerate investment in the sector and unlock its potential. The Fund will be managed by the Foresight Group which is aiming raise over $200 million in equity. The Fund will invest in a wide range of projects across the agricultural, council, forestry and mining waste industries. More

Plastics Recycler Raises $0.5 Million
Plastics recycler Newtecpoly Pty Ltd has raised $500,000 of seed capital from a strategic investor who will join the board and management team. Tauro Capital Partners, which is assisting with the capital raising and introduced the investor, said the investment was at a valuation attractive to the founders and the deal is a big win for the company. More

Organic Fast Food Opportunities for Investors
We are all used to seeing the usual junk food shops on our intercity travels but increasingly motorists as well as investors are also likely to see organic fast food shops that want us to park and eat there instead. More

BioCube Raising $3 Million
The developer of a portable and community-sized biodiesel processor called the BioCube has sold its first unit in Africa and is raising $3 million to make more units and take advantage of joint venture opportunities. More

Community Energy Project Extends Offer
A community energy project in the Northern Rivers region of NSW has raised $1.1 million and has extended its offer period to help it reach its target of $3 million. Enova Community Energy Ltd is aiming to be Australia's first community-owned, renewable energy retailer and installation business. More

Custom Solar Car on Display
Melbourne electric vehicle technology startup EVX Ventures will exhibit a one quarter scale model of a custom solar sports car at the world's largest automotive speciality parts trade show in Las Vegas. The exhibition is a step to gain exposure and hopefully pre-orders as part of the company's plan to become a maker of bespoke solar powered sports cars for the high net worth market. More

New Plants for Green Distillation Technologies
Environmentally friendly tyre recycler Green Distillation Technologies (GDT) will soon open its first commercial plant, at Warren in central NSW, and has committed to building a second plant in Tasmania. More

$6 Million Venture Capital for Battery Storage Company
Octillion Power Systems is entering the Australian battery storage market with the help of a $6.3 million investment by the Southern Cross Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund. The Fund co-invested in the company's recent round with Kleiner Perkins China, Samsung Ventures and other existing investors. More

Inventor Offers over 70 Projects for Sale
One of Australia's most prolific inventors, Andy Karpisek, is offering over 70 projects, including some key cleantech projects, for sale due to his age. Mr Karpisek is now 91 years of age and says he will not be here forever. More

Private Equity Acquires Solar Installer
Private equity group Anchorage Capital Partners has completed the acquisition of photovoltaic installer Mark Group Australia Pty Ltd (MGA). MGA is a market leader in PV installations with operations across Australia, 104 staff and 52 sub-contractors. More

Australian Tyre Recycler in Edison Awards
A green technology company that recycles old car and truck tyres was Australia's first finalist in the Edison Awards, and a bronze winner when the awards were announced in New York in April. The Edison Awards are claimed to be the world's top award for innovation. More

New Plastics Recycling Technology
A new technology called PolyWaste that can cost-effectively turn used plastics including low grade plastics and film that go to landfill into a substance that can be extruded into affordable but high quality products is being commercialized by Newtecpoly Pty Ltd. More

Is this the Future for Tyre Recycling?
A company soon to list in ASSOB has developed patented and proven technology that addresses the major international problem of how to manage and recycle waste tyres. Ecoflex Ltd has developed expertise in using recycled tyres in all types of civil engineering and construction projects, and has been recognized by the Global Tyre Recycling Association as having one of the world's best methods of tyre recycling. It also uses very little energy compared to other tyre recycling methods. More

Electric Bike Raises $120,000 on Kickstarter
Early stage electric bike company Dillenger Pty Ltd has raised $119,659 from 222 backers in 15 days on crowd funding platform Kickstarter. The company had initially sought $30,000 but has now increased the target to $250,000. The Kickstarter project will be funded on 28 February. Read More

Quarterly and Half Yearly Prepayment of R&D Tax Refund
Companies that find the Federal Government’s R&D Tax Incentive useful for managing cashflow can now access a quarterly and half yearly pre-payment service instead of having to wait a full year between refunds. The R&D Tax Incentive is a 45 per cent refund on eligible R&D to companies with less than $20 million in turnover. The refund is useful for pre-revenue and pre-profit companies to manage their cashflow and reduce their need to raise new capital. But the refunds are annual and some companies can benefit from accessing the refund more quickly or regularly. Read More

United Nations Makes the Business Case for Eco-Innovation

When Australia’s fossil fuel loving Federal Government and Industry Minister realize they need to know what real leadership looks like, they can turn to the United Nations and the European Commission and read their new report, The Business Case for Eco-Innovation. Published in Paris, the report “demonstrates the compelling case for companies to embark on ecoinnovation”. Read More

Remotely Monitored Industrial LEDs
A Tasmanian company has developed what it says is the lowest whole-of-life cost industrial LED fitting with advanced LED and several world first features. Read More

Top Five Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Platforms
Solarplaza and the upcoming Renewable Energy Crowd Funding Conference in London have published a list of the top five renewable energy crowdfunding platforms in the world based on the money they have raised so far. Read More

Angels Give Big Help to Start-ups
Back in February 2010 Eco Investor suggested that the Federal Government commence an angel coinvestment fund along the lines of those in New Zealand and Scotland; had it done so Australian start-ups might be enjoying the sort of support and growth that New Zealand start-ups are enjoying. The New Zealand Government’s Seed Coinvestment Fund is now investing over NZ$5 million a year into start-ups alongside angel investors, and recently invested into its 115th company. Read More

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