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Grid Connection for AnaeCo Plant

The commissioning of AnaeCo's Perth municipal waste and waste to energy plant has reached another milestone with its connection to the electricity grid. The plant has received technical and regulatory approvals from Western Power allowing for the 1.2 MW combined heat and power (CHP) gas powered generator to be permanently connected to the grid.

The WMRC plant will be the first operational waste facility in Western Australia generating electrical energy by processing municipal solid waste. Energy can be extracted from the estimated 28,250 tonnes of organic matter separated from 55,000 tonnes of annual municipal solid waste.

At full capacity the plant can produce biogas containing around 1,200 tonnes of methane per annum, enough to provide around 800kWe of electrical power and 800kWt of thermal power. The thermal energy will be used to maintain process water at temperatures suitable for the anaerobic microbiology. Surplus electricity not used to power the plant will be exported. AnaeCo estimates around 40 per cent of the electrical power will be available for the grid, totaling around 3,200 MWh per year or enough to power around 500 homes for a year.

Once commissioning of the biogas scrubber is completed in coming weeks the plant will begin using the methane rich biogas from the anaerobic digestion phase of the DiCOM bioconversion process to fuel the generator. The biogas contains hydrogen sulphide which must be removed by scrubbing before it enters the generator.

The generator is a dual fuel unit and will run on a mix of biogas and natural gas. The level of biogas generated during normal operations will vary and be complemented by natural gas to maintain the steady flow rate required by the generator.

The analysis of biogas production during biological ramp-up indicates the plant will be a net exporter of energy when processing is at design capacity.

The plant is owned by funds managed by Palisade Investment Partners Ltd. The energy will lower the plant's operating costs, and the export of surplus electricity will create further revenue. There is also a gain in selling Australian Renewable Energy Certificates or Australian Carbon Credit Units for the abatement of greenhouse gases.

The benefit for AnaeCo is the opportunity to validate the efficient generation of renewable energy from municipal waste through its DiCOM bioconversion process and to demonstrate that this plant will be a net producer of renewable energy from mixed municipal waste. (ASX: ANQ)





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