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Greenearth Energy Raises $3 Million

Greenearth Energy has raised $3 million through a placement at 8 cents per share to institutional, professional and sophisticated investors. The capital is to fund growth of its energy efficient lighting business Vivid Industrial and to finalize the ownership structure of its one third owned subsidiary NewCO2Fuels.

Vivid Industrial provides intelligent lighting to industry scale facilities. Managing director, Samuel Marks said its world leading technologies continue to deliver proven savings of over 80 per cent to customers.

But until now Vivid Industrial's revenue has been modest and Mr Marks told Eco Investor that this is because the early sales and projects have been to prove the concept and technology. Greenearth is now serious about converting this proof into more revenue and growing the business.

"The company's pipeline continues to grow and the focus is on execution and developing into overseas markets," said Mr Marks.

A recent project was the installation of Vivid Industrial's proprietary Australian designed and manufactured Matrixx Intelligent LED lighting system at a 20,000 square metre food distribution facility. The installation was the first full LED retrofit site for the customer and the upgrade has delivered savings of over 80 per cent on energy and costs. The system includes advanced design and control with intelligent 3G communication, cloud connected operation, plus and play architecture, daylight harvesting, occupancy detection, beam shaping and Vivid Industrial's constant lux system.

The system recently received coverage in the Wall Street Journal.

The customer has over 100 warehouse and distribution sites and Vivid is reviewing additional sites so there is no doubting the potential of the business if all goes well. (ASX: GER)

Energy savings of over 80 per cent at a large food distribution facility through the use of Vivid Industrial’s Matrixx system.





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