Eco Investor December 2014


App for Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel installers and buyers now have a mobile phone app that allows them to easily optimize the performance of a new solar PV system.

Exemplary Energy's PV_OptiMizer is an evaluation app for small to medium sized PV installations. The mobile phone or other device is simply laid on the roof and it responds to the orientation and tilt of the phone to calculate the solar PV output of panels installed with that geometry.

The PV_OptiMizer determines annual average and monthly average daily electricity produced by a PV cell, panel or array when pointed in whatever direction. Sensors in the smart phone or pad detect changes in azimuth (orientation) and tilt (slope) which allow the application to refer to current solar and temperature data tables to determine the average daily and monthly electricity that would be produced.

Exemplary Energy Partners director, Trevor Lee, said tilting and turning the phone allows the user to see how much more energy can be had by upgrading to a framed and optimized system, and what the roof can produce with the lowest cost installation. The calculations are in accordance with Clean Energy Council Guidelines

A free trial of the Android version is available and will be available this month for the iOS version. Mr Lee said property owners can access the data for their place of interest for only $3.79.

The original Android version of the app is available for free with data for a tropical, arid and a southern location. The in-app purchase of access to additional data for other locations and for editing the system components allows it to be used as a design tool. $3.30 gives access to data for a place of interest.

Established in 1989, Exemplary Energy Partners is a consultancy with two working divisions: Exemplary Energy which develops solar, weather and climate data sets and software packages for the renewable energy and energy conservation industries; and Energy Partners which provides energy design and energy efficiency rating services to architects, builders, developers, engineers and home-makers.








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