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First Government Based Green Bond
The Treasury Corporation of Victoria (TCV) has broken new ground with the issue of its first certified green bond - for $300 million - making it the first green bond by an Australian government. More

Westpac's First Climate Bond
Westpac's first Climate Bond has raised $500 million to fund a $1 billion portfolio of renewable energy assets and low carbon commercial property in Australia. The Westpac Climate Bond gave investors the opportunity to support environmental projects through a high-grade fixed income investment. The funds will be allocated to seven wind energy facilities and five low carbon commercial properties... More

Green Bond for Refinancing Rooftop Solar
FlexiGroup Ltd has issued a $50 million green bond for the refinancing of residential rooftop solar PV systems. The asset backed securities (ABS) have received certification against the international Climate Bonds Solar Standard. More

Green Bond Guidelines for Real Estate
Guidelines on what constitute green bonds for investors in the real estate sector have been released by the Amsterdam based Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). While the market in Australia for such bonds is undeveloped at present, local investors may still find the guidelines useful when looking at investments in real estate investment trusts. More

ANZ Bank's First Green Bond
ANZ Bank has raised $600 million in its first green bond, which the bank said is the largest climate related bond so far by an Australian issuer. It was primarily taken up by Australian institutional investors as well as funds in Asia. More

Stockland Issues Corporate Green Bond
Listed property giant Stockland has issued what it says is Australia's first corporate green bond. The proceeds of the EUR 300 million bond will be used to help fund eligible environmentally sustainable projects such as the development and redevelopment of green star rated retail, commercial, residential and retirement living projects. More

How Interest Rates Affect Fixed Interest Funds
A handy guide to how changes in interest rates will affect the value of a fixed interest fund is the concept of duration. Understanding this idea will help investors to know how much the value of their units could go up or down when official interest rates change. More

Green Banks Create Interest
The idea of a green bank is catching on with first the UK and now New York State establishing a bank to help make the economy more environmentally friendly. Australia would also be a good place for such an institution as both a greener economy and some real banking competition are desperately needed here. More







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