Eco Investor June 2017


Initial Public Offerings

Oliver's Real Food Comes to Market


After a Big Share Price Fall

Cleaning China's Water

Core Securities

Australia Contributes to Metro Glass Profit

Qube Starts Work on Rail Precinct

$74 Million Capital Raising by Ingenia

Possible Takeover for Quintis Gets Closer

US Acquisition for Reliance

Pre-Dividend Securities

Two Share Plunges for Murray River Organics

Pre-Profit Securities

ReNu Energy Steps Up Solar Focus

More Hard Work for Redflow

First Industrial Water Membrane

Most Options Exercised

Refresh Buys Plastics Bottle Maker

Pre-Revenue Securities

New Market and Products for Algae.Tec

Lithium and Cobalt Recycling Plant for Neometals

Share Consolidation for Galaxy

New Cobalt Name

Unlisted Companies

Environmental Markets Opportunity

Eco Securities Data

Share Highs and Lows

Director Buying and Selling








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