Eco Investor June 2011

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Rare Earths Supply And Demand

Lynas Corporation continues to supply the market with interesting analyses of the rare earths market, this time with a forecast of 2014 supply and demand for 10 rare earths.

Source: Lynas Corporation

In terms of tonnage the chart shows the big three are lanthanum, cerium, and neodymium. Mid level demand is forecast for praseodymium and yttrium, while demand for the other three is comparatively low.

The chart also shows that the biggest forecast shortfall in supply will be 13,800 tonnes for lanthanum, 13,000 tonnes for neodymium, and 6,100 tonnes for praseodymium.

An oversupply is forecast for cerium, samarium, and gadolinium. (ASX: LYC)





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