Eco Investor June 2010



Putting a Cap on the Pipe


Debt Reduction Costs Transfield Fund a Wind Farm

Listed Geothermal Stocks - Underperforming or a ‘Buy’ Opportunity?

The Challenge to Invest in a Better Future

Eco Innovation Conference Shows a Positive Future

Welcome to Eco Innovation Forum 2010

ASX 300 Companies

A Boost for Export of LNG from Newcastle

$30 Million Contract for Tox

Dart Energy in China

East Coast Gas Stations

GWA Divestment

Solar Move for Infigen

Emerging Companies

$4.5 Million Raising for Hydromet

Acquisition for DoloMatrix

Clean TeQ Expands Clean Water

New Managing Director for CMA

Micro Cap Companies

AGL Setback for Torrens Energy

BioProspect Extends Share Offer

Capital Raising for Gas Engines

Chinese Partners for CBD Energy

Dyesol Restructures

First Hythane Engine for Bus Fleet

Hot Rock in Queensland

LNG Leases LNG Site

Mission NewEnergy May Acquire More Jatropha

More Skywater for Island Sky

Nappy Company Gets New Head

US Deal for BluGlass

Wave Energy Progress in Victoria

Unlisted Companies

Big Market for Small Steam Engines

Simple Device Saves Water

New Co-Investments for Australian Solar Institute

Unlisted Funds

Fund To Bank Renewable Energy Certificates

11.4 Per Cent Return For CVC

Three Exits for Cleantech Fund

Resignation of Australian Ethical’s Chief Investment Officer


Marine Debris: Finding Local Solutions to a Global Problem






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