Eco Investor June 2009



Good News For Green Innovation

Industry Focus

Hot and Cold on Geothermal Investments


Forestry Companies Put Best Foot Forward

ASX 300 Companies

Missing Gas Link Connects Eastern Australia

HDF Rejects Epic Takeover

APA Raises $185 million in US

Smart Meter Rollout

Infigen Updates Investor Pack

Coal Gas Power Station

Envestra Upgrades Profit Forecast

Geodynamics’ Well Under Control

Origin Boosts Low Carbon Energy

Recovery for Sims Shares

Emerging Companies

Viridis Buys Its Manager, Readies to Sell Euro Wind Assets

Two Orders For Environmental Group

Forest Enterprises and Forests NSW in 20 Year Deal

Reset for Willmott PINES

Micro Cap Companies

Mini Power Station for the Home

BluGlass Looks To Solar Energy and Korea

Carnegie Simplifies Ownership of Wave Technology

Water Treatment Gets Busy

Jackgreen Capital Raising

$9.4 million for Dyesol

More Acquisitions for Pacific Environment

EnviroMission Raises Capital

Cleaner Coal Raising Popular

LNG Raises $10.5 million

AnaeCo Raises $5 Million

Hot Rock Raises $2.5 Million

Jatoil To Power Philippines

Unlisted Companies

MBD Captures Loy Yang Carbon Emissions

Portable Detector for Infectious Micro-Organisms

Solar Shop Wins Private Equity

Unlisted Funds

Receivership For Eco Resorts

International Funds

Low Period for ANZ Climate Change Fund

Impax Fund Holds Its Value


Help for Innovative Companies

Global Renewables Still Growing But More Slowly

Strong Growth in Small Wind


Ethical Property Fund Perhaps?

Green Loans for Climate Change

The Future

Combined Solar Power and Hot Water Unit for Homes

Solar Panel that Heats, Cools and Ventilates

Rabbits Fighting Back

Drinking Water Watched by Wireless Sensors

Low-Cost Natural Gas from Algae

New Way to Harvest Wave Power












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