Eco Investor June 2007


Listed Companies

Coal Seam Gas Firms Take Off

More Acquisitions for Scrap Metal Recycler

Wild Share Ride for Solar Energy Company

Lighting Efficiency Adds Zest to Share Price

Share Market Power of Cleaner Coal

Listed Funds

World Water Trust Lists on ASX

Unlisted Funds

New Actively Managed International Water Fun

CVC Sustainable Investments to Raise $30 Million

Unlisted Companies

US Expansion for Australian Solid Waste System


Biobanking in NSW A New Market for Investors?

Eco Efficiency

Geothermal Heating for Pool

Government Funding

Government Doubles Solar Rebate

Five Grants for Renewable Energy Storage

New Products

The Cleantech Revolution

Ethanol Production Viable in Ord River

Eco Tourism Guide

The Future

Organic Antibiotics for Livestock

Artificial Soils from Waste

Biorefineries to Change Forest Industries






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