Eco Investor June 2006





New US Cleantech and Clean Energy Indices

Half a Billion Dollar Biomass Deal

Lower Emission Future Achievable

Invest in Our Rivers, says Greening Australia

Water Management an Issue for Investors

Business Council Criticizes Budget

WA Government Criticizes Federal Wind Farm and Nuclear Policies

Major Gas Pipeline Investment Incentives

Changes Bring Personal Liability for Directors and Management

United Nations Supports Environmental Investment

First Bank Intermediated Carbon Credit Sale

World Leading Ecovillage Wins Sustainability Award

Overwhelming Demand for Snowy Hydro Prospectus, but Float Pulled

Industry Focus

How Green Are The Ethical Funds?

Tightening Oil Market: How Soon is Peak?

Listed Companies

Biofuels on Fire

Ceramic Fuel Cells on Track

Fixed Interest

Westpac’s Environmentally- Linked Term Deposit

Unlisted Companies

Technology Creates Global Tidal Energy Opportunity

Seed Capital Sought for Green Energy Research

Plantation Forestry

Renewable Biofuel Option for Forestry Investors

Government Seeks Views of Forest Investors

Macquarie Gets ATO Rulings on Forestry Investments

Eco Efficiency

Guide for Businesses to Save Energy

Why North-Facing Verandas Waste Energy

CEGT Invests in Anti-clogging Technolgy

Prawn Farmers Invest $15 million and Clean up

Government Funding

Financial Incentives for Landowners to Conserve Land

Origin’s Solar Technology Wins SAFSA Funding

New Products

Mobile Water Desalination for All Users

Environmental Home Loan Gives Discounts

Household Wind Turbine

Re-useable Trolley Bag for Shopping

One Day Photovoltaics Course for Investors

The Future

Environmental R&D Pays Off for GE

Making Salinity Profitable

Capturing Fugitive Methane Emissions

Titanium on the Agenda





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