Eco Investor February 2015



Changes at Eco Investor

The Power of Ethical Consumers

Initial Public Offerings

Eco Floats Among Best IPOs in 2014


Companies and Milestones to Watch in 2015

Core Securities

Qube to Develop Rail Freight Precinct

Institutional Action for TFS

DUET Raised $63 Million

Sims China Move

Transpacific Buys Melbourne's Biggest Landfill

Sydney Acquisition for Ingenia

Upgrade for Tox

Bigger Dividend for Energy Developments

No Interim Dividend from Gale Pacific

GWA Sells Climate Systems Business

Meridian Cancels Hydro Project

Geothermal Now NZ's Second Energy Source

Re-rating for Meridian Eenrgy and Mighty River Power

August Investments Considers Overseas

Ethical Funds Perform

Aspen Group Controls 57 Per cent of Aspen Parks

Pre-Dividend Securities

Possible US Movement for Infigen

Bellamy's to Beat Prospectus Forecasts

US$5 Million Placement for Ecosave

Major Project Win for Pacific Environment

Energy Storage Project for Tag Pacific

Metro Glass on Target

Pre-Profit Securities

Solco Downgraded to Pre-Profit Company

Commodities Group to Export Prawns Soon

Merger and $1 Million for Cardia Bioplastics

New Chairman at Lynas

$5 Million and Share High for Aeris

Clean TeQ Raises $2.25 Million

Vmoto Expands Beyond Scooters

RedFlow Battery Still Performing

Placement for Green Invest

New All Time Low for Ceramic Fuel Cells

Positive Results for Leaf Test

Two Steps Forward, One Back for Eden

Galaxy to Get Less for Battery Plant

Orbital to Raise $10 Million

Pre-Revenue Securities

Eco Investor Suspends Coverage of Actinogen

New Name, CEO and Business for Hot Rock

Deals in Turkey and Portugal for Dyesol

Algae.Tec Busy In India and China

Hastings Rare Metals Raises $8.5 Million

Solar Thermal Project for Enerji

AnaeCo Borrows $1 Million

More Progress for Carnegie

Greenearth Energy Cancels Capital Raising

Enhanced Systems Technologies Rights Shortfall

Unlisted Companies

Sundrop Farms Wins High Powered Private Equity

Electric Bike Raises $120,000 on Kickstarter

Something Different About Christmas Island

$3 Million Needed For Compressed Air Car

CEFC Sees Role for Bioenergy

ARENA Supports Biomass from Fast Growing Trees

Waste to Energy Plant Near Perth

International Award for RayGen

Nappy Recycler Wins Kimberly-Clark Contract

Entries Open for StartupSmart Awards

Eco Securities Data

Share Highs and Lows,

Cash Positions of Speculative Cleantechs,

Director Buying and Selling,

Substantial Shareholders,

Director Moves






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