Eco Innovator March 2012


Equity Capital

Cleantech Investment for OneVentures

International Investment in Water Technology

SustainAg Raises $300,000 for water and tillage system

Cleantech Companies Raise $19.1 Million

Soil Remediation Investment from Cleantech Ventures

Government Grants

Six Commercialisation Australia Grants

Funding for WA Innovators

$100 Million for Carbon Capture in the Latrobe Valley

$15 Million Biofuel Program

$5 Million for Advanced Biofuels

Hazardous Waste Funding

Energy-Saving Light Controllers

$500,000 in R&D Vouchers

CleverGreen Innovation Grants

The Energy Efficiency Grants

Waste Into Compost and Roads

Government Policy

End to Innovate SA

Cleantech Lags Due to Lack of Private Finance

Australia a Global Innovator

No Easy Energy Choices

New Members for NSW Innovation and Productivity Council

New Research Facilities for Biofuel Opportunities

Australia Attractive for Advanced Biofuels

Advanced Biofuels Study

Qld Investment in Wind and Bio Products

The Smart Engineering State

Fast Tracking Green Patents

Queensland Renewable Energy Plan


Atlantis Commits to Testing Program

First Biodiesel Unit

Solar Tower for WA

Zero Carbon Home

Solar Sailor Launches Prototype

Global Carbon Exchange Partners CarbonSystems

Earth Bags Beat Plastic Bags

Aquaponics Farming in Antarctica


Wastewater Innovators In International Prize

Golden Gecko Awards Turn 21

ZEN Win For Sustainable Growth


Margaret River Ecotourism Site

The Future

Rapid Pesticide Detection

Harnessing High Altitude Wind


Meet US Angel and VC Investors

Innovation in Entrepreneurship Program

Cleantech Capability Teams

BSI Connect

Discussing Commercialisation Australia

ASSOB Pitch Breakfasts

Companies and Programs in this Issue

Companies and Programs in this Issue







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