No 8. February 2013

ZEN To Begin Making Batteries

ZEN Energy Systems is now ready to start manufacturing its rechargeable batteries for energy storage for homes, business, utilities and remote communities. The system can store solar and off peak energy to give less reliance on the grid. Energy can be stored when demand and price are low, then used during peak demand when the price is high.

There will be four models of the ZEN Freedom PowerBank, which is about the size of a refrigerator. The residential model can store 20 kilowatts of energy and fully charged can power a home for 24 hours, including during a blackout.

For those wanting to go off grid, a 5kW ZEN Solar Home Energy System and a ZEN Freedom PowerBank could be combined for under $50,000. Subject to power consumption, this would completely power a home. A small generator could be used for backup if needed to maintain the battery charge.

The Micro Grid PowerBank model is part of ZEN's plan to provide power to remote communities in Australia and regional communities in developing countries for what the company says is nearly half the cost of diesel.

ZEN is now accepting inquires on how the PowerBank can be integrated into an energy system. The company has 65 staff and a network of 250 installers and franchisees in South Australia, New South Wales, West Australia and Victoria.

The ZEN Powerban is about the size o a fridge.

The company has made five new appointments to meet strengthening demand in the commercial sector and the energy storage market. "The appointments are in line with the company's increased focus on providing solar energy solutions to the business sector," said chief executive Richard Turner.

The new roles include General Manager for Business Energy Systems & Compliance, Business Development Manager, Project Manager, Communications Administrator, and Business Energy Systems Consultant.

In Adelaide recently Mr Turner greeted Prince Charles, who has a well-known interest in sustainability, and presented ZEN's renewable energy solutions as part of the royal couple's Australian tour.

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill said companies such as ZEN Energy Systems are helping to position the state at the forefront of advanced manufacturing and renewable energy technology.

A new report from the Clean Energy Council says Australia's energy storage market will grow more than 10 times to about 3000 MW by 2030 as technology changes the way we use power. The report, The Energy Storage in Australia - Commercial Opportunities, Barriers and Policy Options, says policymakers must start to plan for the integration of large quantities of energy storage into the electricity market to ensure the sector keeps pace with technology.

Energy storage will facilitate the efficient operation of electricity markets, improve the stability of the grid, meet the needs of residential and commercial customers, and unlock the potential of Australia's renewable energy resources and accelerate the shift to clean energy, it says.





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