No 8. February 2013

New Plastics Recycling Plant

Australia's leading plastics recycler plans to set up a state of the art plastic recycling facility in Queensland this year. The facility will reprocess plastic waste collected locally and produce products that can be used for infrastructure.

The facility will be the only one in Queensland able to process a full range of plastic packaging materials and turn it into end products, said director Mark Yates. This will include shopping bags, shrink wrap films, sterile wrap and many other types of plastic used in the packaging supply chain.

Mr Yates says Replas is a world leader in the production of sustainable products using waste plastic packaging materials. "We have the technology to turn what is a huge problem in our community into a range of products such as bollards, furniture, decking, signage and outdoor fitness equipment.

"Recycled plastic products provide a cost effective alternative to timber that is not only more durable, but also better suited to harsh environmental conditions such as we experience in Queensland."

The project is supported by the Australian Packaging Covenant and the Queensland Government.

Since 1991 Australian Recycling Technologies (ART) and Repeat Plastics have developed technology to recycle plastic, and in 2001 the two companies joined to form Replas.

Replas has investing heavily in technology and has developed what it says is world leading technology to reprocess plastic waste into robust products for outdoor use. Today it has manufacturing plants in Lilydale and Ballarat in Victoria and produces over 200 products.

A footbridge made of recycled plastic.

Recycled plastic is resistant to termites, microorganisms and moisture, and it will never split, rot or need painting, says Mr Yates.

"The community and many corporations are doing the right thing by recycling their waste. But the public don't expect it to go offshore or end up in landfill. We need local government and corporations to support us by buying recycled plastic products made from this resource to close the loop on recycling in Australia," he said.

Replas aims to expand the product range as support from the market grows.

Post and rail fencing made from recycled plastic.






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