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Bigger Cleantech Profits

The Australian listed cleantech sector had an excellent year and reporting season for 2015-16, particularly among the leading stocks where many had outstanding profits and dividend growth.

Eco Investor's 24 core listed cleantech stocks are comprised of the companies that pay regular dividends. Eco Investor differentiates these companies from the many speculative stocks that are not yet able to pay dividends as this creates a small universe of shares that offer income and are less risky for investors.

Below is a quick overview of how good many of the results were.

Bellamy's Australia quadrupled its net profit and annual dividend.

Blackmores and Metro Performance Glass both doubled their profits and dividends.

DUET Group quadrupled its profit and increased its distribution for the fourth consecutive year.

Reece Australia reported its fourth consecutive year of record profits and dividends.

Beacon Lighting recorded its fourth year of record profits and its third year of growing dividends.

Cleanaway Waste Management quadrupled its net result with a strong return to profitability, and also increased its dividend.

Mercury NZ tripled its profit and continues to pay special dividends on top of its normal dividends.

GWA Group returned to profitability with a 431 per cent turnaround and a special dividend that more than doubled its annual dividend.

Gateway Lifestyle made a maiden profit as a listed business and paid a maiden dividend with results that were broadly in line with its prospectus forecasts.

Gale Pacific almost doubled its profit and increased its dividend by 75 per cent.

Pacific Energy increased profit by 31 per cent, and Aspen Group returned to profit after four years of losses.

The biggest loser was Sims Metal Management, but the damage was done in the first half and it picked up in the second half.

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