No 11. May 2013

More LED Lights from LIFX

LIFX has sold out the first batch of its innovative LED light on pre-orders alone and has begun taking pre-orders for the second batch. The Melbourne based company set up in San Francisco and is famous for raising $1,314,542 from 9,236 backers on crowd funding platform Kickstarter. It had initially sought only $100,000 to fund the commercialization and manufacture of the bulb.

Co-founder Phil Bosua said production of the bulbs is underway with tooling having begun at the factory in China. He expects batch I pre-orders to ship in May/ June and batch II pre- orders in August/ September. Pre-orders for the second batch can be placed at

LIFX is a smart LED bulb that can be controled by mobile phone. Software is loaded to a mobile phone that can then be used to turn the light on and off, change to a huge variety of colours, dim or brighten the light, and other functions. Existing wall switches still work.

The LED bulbs use only 10 per cent of the energy of standard bulbs, and are rated to last for 40,000 hours or 25 years of use.

The LIFX bulb can change colour.