Eco Innovation

No 8. February 2013

Ingenero To Build 50 MW of Solar Projects
Ingenero and its partner, the Thai-owned power generator RATCH-Australia Corporation Ltd, plan to build 50 megawatts (MW) of large-scale solar PV projects in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand over the next few years. Read More

BuildingIQ Raises $9 Million in Venture Capital
BuildingIQ has won $9 million in backing from a consortium of three international venture capital firms to accelerate the rollout of its Building Energy Optimisation software for commercial buildings. Read More

Energy Efficient Marine Propulsion Technology Raises $180,000
A company that has developed an energy efficient alternative to the conventional screw propeller and rudder on ships and boats has reached its minimum capital raising target of $180,000 only four months after issuing its investment document on ASSOB. Read More

Greenhouse Gas Analyzer for World Market
A partnership between Ecotech and the University of Wollongong will see the world's first comprehensive greenhouse gas analyzer manufactured in Australia for the world market. The Spectronus gives a precise real time analysis of all the principal greenhouse gases, and its capabilities are unmatched by competitors, says the latest Australian Innovation System Report for 2012. Read More

New Plastics Recycling Plant
Australia's leading plastics recycler plans to set up a state of the art plastic recycling facility in Queensland this year. The facility will reprocess plastic waste collected locally and produce products that can be used for infrastructure. The facility will be the only one in Queensland able to process a full range of plastic packaging materials and turn it into end products. Read More

Seawater Pipeline for Algae Industry
A $10 million seawater pipeline announced by the WA Government will initially support Aurora Algae and its development of an algae to biodiesel industry at Karratha. US-based Aurora Algae is investing $86 million towards a Stage 1 production facility at Karratha. Read More

R&D Approval for Second Generation Bioethanol Project
ENEnergy Australia (ENA) has received R&D tax incentive scheme approval from AusIndustry for the development of a commercial scale bioethanol plant and biomass plantation in northern Australia. The project will be able to process up to 1 million dry tonnes of biomass per year and produce 7,500 barrels of ethanol/ butanol per day. Read More

Trees to Power Coal Fired Power Stations
BioCoal Pty Ltd has received a $25,000 grant from the Victorian Department of Business and Innovation to conduct a feasibility study into its advanced torrefaction process that can turn biomass such as trees into a product that can be used in coal fired power stations. The product, called biocoal, can be sold to power stations as a clean and renewable replacement for coal. Read More

ZEN To Begin Making Batteries
ZEN Energy Systems is now ready to start manufacturing its rechargeable batteries for energy storage for homes, business, utilities and remote communities. The system can store solar and off peak energy to give less reliance on the grid. Energy can be stored when demand and price are low, then used during peak demand when the price is high. Read More

Storing Carbon in Concrete with Eco-cements
Cement making produces about 9 per cent of global carbon emissions, while eco cement is said to be the cheapest form of carbon sequestration, and would allow carbon to be stored in the built environment in the great number and variety of concrete and cement structures. This is a view shared by John Harrison, the founder of TecEco Pty Ltd, which has been commercializing a range of eco-cements since 1999. Read More

Merger of Green Products Advisers
ECO-Buy Ltd, a supplier of sustainable supply chain services, and Net Balance, a sustainable procurement adviser, have merged and created Australia's largest consulting group for organizations that wish to use and offer sustainable and environmental products and services. Read More

Aware Environmental Helps Allergy Sufferers
Environmentally friendly household products maker Aware Environmental Ltd has had its Sensitive laundry range approved by the National Asthma Council Australia's Sensitive Choice program. The range was recognized as its formula avoids harsh additives like fragrances, optical brighteners, dyes and enzymes that can cause allergies and skin irritation. Read More

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