No 10. April 2013

International Renewable Plastics Deal

Plantic Technologies is to supply plastic food trays made from bio-based renewable natural materials to Profish Food B.V. Netherlands, a European agent, processor and distributor of fresh fish.

Plantic's eco Plastic trays comprise up to 80 per cent commercially grown natural raw materials certified as renewable material. It also has an oxygen transmission rate of less than one-tenth of one percent, creating ultra high barrier packaging materials that can significantly increase shelf life and improve product freshness.

The environmentally friendly eco Plastic trays improve the carbon footprint and energy requirements of fresh food packaging.

Plantic's chief executive, Brendan Morris, said "Our life cycle assessment shows that, over the course of 12 months, the impact of adopting Plantic eco Plastic trays begins to add up – each 100 tonnes of eco Plastic used in place of oil based polymers will reduce carbon emissions equivalent to planting 42,100 trees or taking 130 cars off the road. It would also save enough electricity to power over 70 homes for a whole year."

Plantic's ultra high barrier eco Plastic Trays.

Profish is the first European fish company to adopt Plantic's eco Plastic technology. Owner, Frank Schreur, said "For many years we have sourced and packed sustainable fish and now we are doubling up by using sustainable trays."

Plantic supplies barrier packaging to major supermarket customers on three continents for products such as beef, pork, lamb, veal, smoked and processed meats, chicken and fresh pasta.

Last October it expanded its products with LINPAC Packaging's range of high barrier films. The lidding films and top webs complement Plantic's eco Plastic ultra-high barrier sustainable bottom webs and trays.

"This allows Plantic to offer our customers in Australia and the Americas the most advanced and complete packaging solutions available," said Mr Morris.

Last September Multivac New Zealand became the exclusive distributor of Plantic eco Plastic ultra high barrier sustainable packaging materials in New Zealand.

Plantic has globally patented a polymer technology based on high-amylose corn starch derived from a specialized non-GM hybrid corn. Its eco Plastic product range includes rigid trays and flexible thermo-formable roll stock. The material runs on standard thermo-forming, vacuum forming and form-fill-seal systems. They are a drop-in replacement for traditional plastics and do not require any investment in new processing or packaging technology.

Plantic Technologies has its head office, main manufacturing, and research and development facilities in Australia, manufacturing operations in Germany and sales offices in the US and UK.