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Tassal to Boost Australian Prawn Farming
Tassal has become one of Australia's largest prawn farmers and aims to lead the growth in Australia's prawn aquaculture industry following its acquisition of the Fortune Group. More


My Long Switch to Solar
After many years of planning, I finally flicked the switch and installed a roof top solar energy system. It's a 4.55 kilowatt system and so far it's working well and producing enough energy so that there are numerous times during the day when it makes more energy than we use and we contribute renewable energy to the grid. More

A Time to Take Profits
At the moment there is a lot of immediate past for investors to get their heads around. The part that concerns many, including me, is the big rise in the US stock market. No one can answer the key questions of how long the boom will last, and whether there will be a big bust or just a downturn. But experience tells me it is time for investors to have or to get a strategy for what is happening and what may happen. More
Renewable Energy and Environmentally Positive Investments on the ASX
This is an edited text of a talk given at Ethical Investment Week in Brisbane on 10 October, 2017. "Let's have a closer look at the renewable energy sector on the ASX. There are 56 companies which have some sort of clean energy angle to their business, including those for which it is not the main game." More

Cleantech Stocks Build Momentum
The global momentum behind renewables is unstoppable. Investors who want to look more deeply into how clean energy is growing, and growing its share of the global energy market, can find a wealth of information from some of the world's leading sources. More

Novel Aquaculture Feedstocks Address Protein Issue
The good news for aquaculture investors is that Australia is one of only a few developed countries that is perfectly suited for aquaculture, and novel alternatives using bacteria and insects have begun to appear to replace contentious animal proteins in fish food, said a visiting global aquaculture expert. More

Core Securities
International Acquisition for GWA
When GWA Group sold its Door & Access Systems business for $107 million it said it would invest some of the capital in expanding its Bathrooms & Kitchens business and it has done that with an offer to acquire Auckland based and New Zealand Stock Exchange listed Methven Ltd. More

The Season of Sustainability Reports
The annual report season is quickly followed by the annual sustainability report season and this year there seem to be more sustainability reports than usual, which is not surprising as some companies have brought out their first reports. Among the core environmental stocks to have recently produced sustainability reports are Tassal, New Zealand King Salmon, New Energy Solar, Blackmores, and Kathmandu, while Bingo Industries, Cleanaway and Sims Metal Management have included a sustainability report or review in their annual reports. More

Two Australian Solar Farms for New Energy Solar
New Energy Solar has added the first two Australian solar farms to its portfolio of US solar assets, continuing its rapid growth since its IPO last December. The first is the Manildra Solar Project west of Orange in central NSW. The second is the Beryl Solar Farm 5 kilometres west of Gulgong, also in central NSW. The vendor of both is a subsidiary of First Solar, Inc. More

August Investments to Wind Up After 37 Years
August Investments Ltd, Australia's longest running environmental and ethical investment vehicle, is now winding up after over 37 years of investing. More

New Zealand Utilities Promote Electric Vehicles
Electrifying New Zealand's transport sector makes a lot of commercial and environmental sense. And with New Zealand's electricity grid showing little growth in demand, it is not surprising that New Zealand's utilities are prime promoters of electric cars. More

A Good Future for Manufactured Housing
The future of manufactured housing looks good with Ingenia Communities Group publishing a chart showing strong growth and outperformance in the US of manufactured housing compared to other commercial property sectors. More
Cleaner Eco Focus for Gale Pacific
Gale Pacific has come a long way in its plan to become a focused technical fabrics company as it has now sold most of its non-core businesses. In the process it has improved its environmental focus. More

Meridian Energy Looks for Growth Options
With the New Zealand electricity market experiencing flat demand over the past five years, utility company Meridian Energy is looking at a number of strategies to grow its sales. All of these focus on its commitment to being a sustainable business that generates only renewable energy, mostly hydro with some wind energy in both New Zealand and Australia. More

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Pre-Dividend Securities
Supplying the Fast Charging Electric Car Market
The rise of electric cars means there will be growing opportunities for parts suppliers and this is happening with ASX listed Rectifier Technologies now focused on building a business supplying rectifiers for the growing market in electric car charging stations. More
11 Year High For Phoslock
In late July shares in Phoslock Water Solutions, soon to be Phoslock Environmental Technologies, reached an 11 year high of 46.5 cents. This is close to their all time high of 49.5 cents in February 2007. The shares listed in August 2002 at 20 cents, and in 2015 they were just above 2 cents, so it has been a long effort and the company has workd hard for the shares to recover and now, for the second time, to more than double their original value. More
Record High for Orocobre
Orocobre's shares reached an all time high of $7.44 in late January, having been only $2.60 last March. The run is well deserved given the time, capital and work it has taken for the company to begin lithium production at its salars in Argentina. What the share price will do now is another matter. More

Large Solar Energy IPO
Investors who want to back solar energy projects and project owners have another option with the IPO of New Energy Solar Ltd. The company listed on 4 December after raising $202 million. Its target was up to $200 million. The offer price per stapled security was an indicative range of $1.45 to $1.55, and they were issued at $1.50. More

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Pre-Profit Securities

Pilbara Minerals Starts Earning Revenue
Eco Investor has upgraded Pilbara Minerals from a pre-revenue to a pre-profit stock as the company has commenced sales and first revenue. Last month it officially opened its Pilgangoora Lithium-Tantalum Project 120 kilometres south of Port Hedland in WA. For the September quarter, the company received revenue of $16.4 million. At the end of the quarter it had a very healthy cash position of $90.6 million. More


Another Way to Turn Food into Food
A new way to be efficient in agriculture is RotoGro International's Rotational Hydroponic Garden Systems that can save on space, water, fertilizer and pesticides. Each garden system is shaped as a cylinder, not unlike a large compost tumbler or 44 gallon drum. More

New Strategy for Carnegie, Subsidiary for Tag Pacific
In an unexpected change of strategy, Carnegie Clean Energy is to merge its 2016 acquisition, Energy Made Clean, with ASX listed Tag Pacific. Carnegie will return to its former focus on commercializing its world leading wave energy technology. Tag Pacific and Energy Made Clean are both renewable and remote energy project developers and together will become a larger remote area energy specialist under the new name of MPower. More

Another Energy Efficiency Hopeful
Energy efficiency companies have found it tough going in the ASX, and while Buddy Platform has had a good share price run over the past year it still has a long way to go to achieve profitability. In January last year the shares for Buddy Platform were 5 cents, by November they had peaked at a four year high of 41 cents, and this January they were still just above 20 cents. It was a good ride if you caught it and got out at the right stop. So what is the story, and what's the catch? More

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Pre-Revenue Securites

Greatcell Solar in Administration
Greatcell Solar, which may be better known to many under its previous name of Dyesol, called in the administrators in December after failing to raise enough capital to further the commercialization of its built-in photovoltaic technology. More

Three Battery Developments
Three pre-revenue companies have made significant steps towards developing and commercializing their new battery technologies. The companies have leading edge technologies and one of them says it has achieved a world first. The companies are: Lithium Australia, Protean Energy, and Magnis Energy Technologies. More

Two Steps Forward for Leaf
Leaf Resources has taken two more steps towards commercializing its lignin and glycerol from waste biomass technology. It has signed an exclusive agency agreement with HB International, one of the largest glycerol brokers in the world, for the supply of raw glycerol and the sale of refined glycerol. The second step is entering the biodegradable packaging market, which offers short term revenue while it develops its major plant in Malaysia. More

Change of Focus at Algae.Tec
Micro caps often have several irons in the fire and don't find their main business activity until one of the irons heats us. This looks like it may be happening at Algae.Tec, which has now begun to refer to itself as a "plant-based health & wellbeing company". The company began life on the ASX trying to commercialize a technology that could grow and turn carbon-consuming algae into biofuel. More

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