Cleanaway Waste Management Ltd

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Cleanaway Waste Management (formerly Transpacific Industries) is the largest waste collection and management company in Australia, and has a wide range of customers in the municipal, small business, retail, heavy industry and mining sectors.

The company's three divisions are Cleanaway Solids Collections, Cleanaway Post Collections, and Cleanaway Liquids and Industrial Services.

The company has hundreds of locations and thousands of vehicles around Australia. The locations include industrial treatment and disposal facilities, resource recovery centres, and landfill sites. It operates transfer stations, material recycling facilities, advanced resource recovery and landfill for solid waste. It collects council, general, construction, demolition, hazardous, medical and organic waste, and recyclables and sells recyclables such as paper and cardboard, metals, plastics, and glass.

The company collects, treats, recycles and safely disposes of liquid and prescribed waste such as hazardous waste, grease and biosolids. It provides technical services such as industrial cleaning, vacuum handling, site remediation and emergency response to the energy, oil and gas, mining and minerals industries. It collects, refines and recycles used mineral oils to produce fuel and base oils. It also deals with concrete remediation, CCTV, asbestos removal, refractory services, mineral oils, fuel and base oils, bitumen products, and coatings.

Transpacific handles a wide range of hazardous wastes. For example, its Homebush Bay liquid waste treatment plant in Sydney is the largest treatment facility of its type in Australasia, and processes over 160 million litres of waste each year. Among the liquid wastes it handles are acids, solvents, fuels, heavy metals, caustics, surfactants and pesticides. Each year the plant processes up to 40 million litres of hazardous leachate collected from the nearby Olympic Village site.

Cleanaway encourages customers to reduce their waste to landfill through programs such as its Harvest recycling program for packaging waste; a mobile app which makes recycling and waste management easier for households; and the Paintback program, a world first initiative to reduce the volume of waste paint that goes to landfill. The Paintback program was created by the Australian paint manufacturing industry and aims to collect more than 45,000 tonnes of waste paint over the next five years. The network of Cleanaway and Council drop off points around the country allow professionals and DIY painters to drop off the waste paint. Specialist machinery extracts the paint, allowing the containers to be recycled and the oil and water based paints to be processed for beneficial re-use.

Rank: High

Environmental Focus:

Cleanaway is focused on its waste management businesses.

Rank: High

Environmental Commitment:

Cleanaway says its mission is "To make a sustainable future possible" and it aims to be a market leader in waste management, industrial and environmental services.

As part of this the company actively researches new treatment processes to further reduce waste-to-landfill, energy and water usage, waste processing costs and the impact on the environment.

"Our philosophy is that all waste is a resource and our aim is to incorporate recovery, recycling and reuse throughout our operations and those of our clients," it says.

Many of the company's activities and sites are potentially dangerous to people and the environment. The company has a Zero Harm philosophy and says "We continue to be totally committed to the use of best practice environmental procedures and compliance across the Group."

Rank: High

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