Eco Innovator November 2011


World-first in Sedimentation Technology

The development of world-first technology in sedimentation scanning led WorleyParsons and the Port Hedland Port Authority to win the 2011 Golden Gecko Award for Environmental Excellence.

Western Australian Mines and Petroleum minister Norman Moore said the innovative technology allowed real time environmental monitoring of dredging impacts. "The results of this new technology have delivered previously unknown facts about the process of sedimentation," Mr Moore said.

Two Certificates of Merit were awarded, to ATCO Gas Australia, formerly WA Gas Networks, supported by KD1, and also Compass Groups (Australia).

ATCO Gas Australia and KD1 completed a new gas pipeline with a high level of environmental conservation and management. The approach resulted in 40 per cent less clearing and no loss of Black Cockatoo habitat trees.

Compass Groups (Australia) was recognized for its approach to remote site catering by using central production facilities, minimising waste through creation of compost, livestock feed production and bulk food preparation that reduced energy needs and greenhouse emissions.

Mr Moore said all of this year's 11 submissions had shown the resources industry's commitment to protecting the environment.

"Western Australia's resources industry continues to be the envy of our competitors. To ensure the State continues to be an attractive destination for resources investment, Government and industry must work together towards responsible resources development. The Golden Gecko's is an outstanding opportunity to recognize those leading the industry in innovative environmental practices," he said.






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