Eco Innovator November 2011


Towards 2020 in Bioenergy

The Bioenergy Australia 2011 Conference will look at the development of sustainable energy and products from biomass.

The program will have over 100 presentations on policies and programs, bioenergy projects, case studies, biomass feedstocks, biomass heat and power, pyrolysis, gasification, liquid biofuels, algae for biofuels, carbon sequestration via biochar, anaerobic digestion and livestock wastes, and energy from waste.

It includes a technical tour to biomass and bioenergy facilities including a fluidized bed combustor providing process bioheat at a coffee factory, an Organic Rankine Cycle energy system at a timber mill, a bioelectricity plant based on waste macadamia nut shells, energy cropping and a Pongamia plantation developing an alternative feedstock for biofuels' production.

Bioenergy Australia will be held from 23 to 25 November at the Novotel Twin Waters Resort, Queensland.






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