Eco Innovator November 2011

Government Grants

Sustainable Markets Grants Program

A second call for grant applications may be held in February 2012 for the Sustainable Markets Grants Program, with first round submissions having closed on 30 September.

Run by Zero Waste SA, the Sustainable Markets Grants program aims to reduce waste going to landfill by expanding local markets for recycled materials. It invests in activities that support the development of sustainable markets with recycled content, and is open to all organizations that produce, manufacture or sell products with South Australian recycled materials.

Funding priorities for 2011-12 are: composts and mulches; aggregates such as concrete, brick, soils, and glass; plastic/ rubber products, timber products, and contaminated soils and other industrial by-products.

Funding will be directed to initiatives that:

* Support market-focused product development that taps into market demands and preferences.

* Support development of product specifications and quality assurance measures.

* Assemble market intelligence and improve market knowledge of market trends and changing demand for product.

* Foster buyer awareness and improve consumer/ user knowledge of the performance and benefits of products and materials from recovered resources to boost demand e.g. through field trials, market extension, promotional materials, fact sheets or other communications methods.

* Support business management practices in recycling companies that foster flexibility and their ability to rapidly respond to changing market demands.

Zero Waste SA welcomes collaborative applications with project partners including other industry organizations, associations and representatives from targeted market segments.

Grants are from $10,000 to $50,000 per project. Eligible projects must be carried out in South Australia and contribute at least 50 per cent of funding excluding in kind contributions.

Projects must also have a clear implementation timetable including approvals, commissioning, operation, monitoring and evaluation within two years of signing the funding agreement.

Applicants must demonstrate they have access to any intellectual property needed for the project. It is expected that in most cases there would be dual ownership of any intellectual property resulting from the project.

Ineligible activities include advertising, projects focusing on export markets, and infrastructure projects.

Assessment will include the extent to which the project is innovative in tackling waste streams, overcoming existing barriers, and targeting new markets; and the demonstrated financial viability of the company and project.

Other waste programs by Zero Waste SA are:
* Kerbside Performance Plus (Food Waste Incentives)
* Metropolitan Infrastructure
* REAP (Resource Efficiency Assistance Program)
* Regional Implementation Program
* Recycle Right at Work
* School and Community Grants
* Zero Waste SA School and Community Grants Showcase
* Kerbside Performance Incentives (Regional).






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