Eco Innovator November 2011


Recognition for GreenCollar Group

GreenCollar Group has been presented with a 2011 City of Sydney Business Award for its work as an environmental services firm.

GreenCollar Group chief executive James Schultz said the recognition was for the
company's work across the energy, forestry, agriculture and green jobs sector.

The Group recently announced the approval under the Verified Carbon Standard of the world's first forest carbon methodology to generate carbon credits by converting commercially logged forests into conservation areas. This Improved Forest Management (IFM) carbon accounting tool will help reduce forest degradation in developing countries, particularly where commercial logging is a key driver of deforestation.

GreenCollar Group describes itself as an environmental markets services firm that integrates the environment onto the balance sheet. It assists firms and institutions to appraise and commercialize projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy, forestry, agriculture and waste management sectors in Australia and emerging markets.

The GreenCollar Group includes GreenCollar Consulting Solutions, an environmental markets advisory and project services consultancy, and GreenCollar Talent, an environmental and renewable energy recruitment provider.

The Group also supports the GreenCollar Think Tank - a not-for-profit entity that works to advance discussion, research and action to help build solutions to environmental challenges.






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