Eco Innovator November 2011


Quiet Launch for Eco Whisper

The Eco Whisper wind turbine that is said to eliminate the noise and vibration of traditional three bladed wind turbines and is virtualy silent has been launched in Geelong.

The developer, Queensland based Renewable Energy Solutions Australia (RESA), says the 20 kW Eco Whisper Turbine also delivers high performance in all wind conditions and more energy from more common wind speeds than three bladed units. It has no 'turn away losses', collects wind more efficiently, the generator and inverter deliver more energy, and it has a lower start up speed.

At 21 metres the unit is about half the height and blade diameter of three bladed turbines. It has 30 blades that extend outwards and the blade diameter is 6.5 metres.

The turbine suits remote communities looking to replace diesel generation and organizations that want to meet renewable energy targets or meet medium to large energy requirements. Suitable commercial, manufacturing and industrial sites are airports, ports, mines and factories. Urban sites include shopping centres, industrial parks, schools, and universities.

The radically designed turbine was unveiled at the engineering plant of Austeng, which will manufacture the turbines for RESA.

The turbine was a finalist in the recent Australian Clean Technologies Ideas Competition.

The Eco Whisper wind turbine.





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