Eco Innovator November 2011


PolyGenomX Adds Jatropha

Rapid plant propagation company PolyGenomX has formed a joined venture company, PolyGenomX India Pvt Ltd, with Indian businessman Raj Bharara of New Delhi. The joint venture will centre around the company's fast growing plant technologies for jatropha. PolyGenomX's first Indian projects are with its Gen 3.0 polygenomic Heritage Jatropha.

The jatropha tree's seeds yield high quantities of oil suitable for generating renewable biodiesel. Jatropha is emerging as an ideal crop and a solution to some of India's economic and social problems. A number of corporations are establishing jatropha plantations for biodiesel and in the process creating employment and income for rural communities, said the company.

"The first generation Polygenomic Jatropha, derived from superior diploid stock, offers even higher yields – with the bonus of faster growth rates, earlier fruiting and broader climate tolerance coupled with its potential for rapid selective breeding to optimize ideal oil characteristics," said PolyGenomX.

While greater yields from larger fruit in larger clusters can be expected 30 per cent earlier than from the best diploid stock, the cost increase for this yield can be as little as 50 cents per plant, it said.

The company has also just released a video on its biotechnology.

PolyGenomX is raising capital on the ASSOB primary board and Round 1 is almost full at over $270,000.






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