Eco Innovator November 2011


Innovation Hero Awards 2012

The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering at the University of Sydney is calling for nominations for its 2012 Innovation Heroes Award. The Award recognizes Australia's greatest innovators - "people who have created successful products or services from brilliant engineering ideas or inventions".

"The Innovation Heroes Award recognizes innovations that were conceived and developed in Australia by Australian individuals and companies, and that have been profitably commercialized or otherwise delivered real value. It is open to individuals and teams, in small and large companies," says the Warren Centre.

The annual awards are made to someone who has taken a new technology, developed it, turned it into a product or service, raised capital and commenced sales. The products must originate from activities in Australia. The commercialization should be profitable, and significant financial benefits should flow to Australia.

The products or processes should also feature high achievements in engineering technology.






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