Eco Innovator November 2011

Government Policy

From Mining Boom to Booming Minds

The Queensland Government would like to use its mining boom to grow its capability in areas of high skilled global demand like engineering and clean energy.

"We can become an Asia Pacific hub for energy, gas, biofuels and renewable sources," said premier Anna Bligh. "We can develop intellectual property in these industries that the world will need just as much as our physical resources. We can become an engineering centre and international hub of excellence and Queenslanders can be known worldwide as builders, scientists and innovators."

The premier put forward three guiding principles for handling of the coming resources boom: make sure it works for all Queenslanders, not just a privileged few; transfer wealth from mines to minds - build the best educated, highly skilled workforce in the world; and grow a critical mass of capability in areas like engineering and clean energy.

"Being ahead of this giant wave of opportunity, being ready for it, knowing how to catch it and surf it - that's the single biggest challenge for Queensland in the decade before us," she said.






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