Eco Innovator November 2011


Australian Cleantech Ideas Winner

An air-conditioning system that can reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in commercial and industrial buildings by up to 85 per cent won the Australian Clean Technologies Ideas Competition.

SMAC Technologies of South Australia won from 11 highly creative and wide ranging cleantech innovations.

Innovation minister Senator Kim Carr said "This air conditioning technology ticks all the boxes in helping tackle climate change and cutting our carbon footprint. The SMAC technology has already been used in projects supported by the Gillard Government's Green Building Fund, helping reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings."

In announcing the winner, Doron Ben-Meir, the chief executive of Commercialisation Australia, said the air conditioning system cut cost as well as energy usage. The technology is patented, proven, can reduce AC energy consumption by 30 to 85 pr cent, and can be retrofitted as well as installed in new buildings.

SMAC Technologies will represent Australia at the international Cleantech Open Global Ideas Competition in the United States. The company will compete against entrants from 90 countries for over $100,000 in services to help launch their idea. They will also have a week of mentoring, meetings with investors, business services and entrepreneurs at the International Awards Gala this month.

The Lubemaster Portable Oil Cleaning Centrifuge.

Mr Ben-Meir said the task for entrepreneurs is not to convince potential clients that they need their product but that they want their product. Among others he exampled the toy solar powered cockroach that no one actually needs but sells very well.

The other finalists were:

* AquaGen Technologies, developer of the SurgeDrive wave energy system that has its energy conversion system above water to reduced costs and improve efficiency.

* AquaHydrex - an inexpensive, integrated solar-powered water-splitting technology that enables onsite manufacturing of hydrogen for industrial users.

* BeechesIT - the Calcination Energy Storage system is a molten salt technology for storing energy from solar thermal power stations.

* Clean Oil Services - the LubeMaster is a centrifuge technology for cleaning oil in a more efficient way than standard pore membrane filters. Clean Oil Services came third in the competition.

* Cogen Microsystems - a cost-effective hybrid solar energy system using a heat engine and low cost solar thermal collectors to generate electricity and hot water.

* Ducane Australia - the DrainWave system for pulsing water through existing low flow plumbing systems.

* Renewable Energy Solutions Australia - the Eco Whisper Turbine is an efficient and virtually silent 20 kW wind turbine with a unique blade design.

* SolMax - a combination of existing roofing and solar products to produce a cheap, efficient solar concentrator. SolMax came second in the competition.

* Sundermann Water Power - a bi-directional low-head water turbine to maximize efficiency in slow water flows.

* YellowDot Energy - a solar-powered high-flow groundwater extraction system using control algorithm to optimize water flow.

The competition was supported by Enterprise Connect, Commercialisation Australia, the CSIRO and Austrade. For more information and to view videos of the finalists, go to:






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