Eco Innovator November 2011

Government Grants

$500,000 Biofuels Boost

A new bio-fuels production facility near Echuca in Victoria has received a grant of $500,000 from the Victorian Government.

The $1.3 million Madowla Park Integrated Bio-Energy project will produce 1.5 million litres of biodiesel and 4,000 litres of animal feed at Ecofuels' new bio-energy production facility at Madowla Park.

"The biodiesel produced at this facility will promote the visibility, environmental benefits and market acceptance of biofuels, all of which are critical to the continuing growth of the wider biofuels sector," said deputy premier and minister for Regional and Rural Development, Peter Ryan

The four-stage project includes sourcing locally grown oilseed - either Indian mustard or canola; pressing oilseed for oil to convert to biodiesel; pelletizing press-cake or meal; and operating the biodiesel and blending plant.

The project involves local fuel supply and is expected to increase price competition in the local fuel market.

The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of next year. Funding is from the Government's $1 billion Regional Growth Fund (RGF).






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