Eco Innovator March 2012

Government Grants

Waste Into Compost and Roads

The South Australian Government has provided funding to local companies and groups with innovative ideas on how to reduce and reuse waste.

Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Paul Caica said the Zero Waste SA funding program is stimulating South Australia's capacity to develop new products and expanded markets for recycled material.

ARRB Group Pty Ltd received $40,000 to develop fact sheets to build on their previous work and improve market awareness of the technical capabilities for using recycled material in road pavements.

Peats Soil and Garden Supplies received $32,500 to build additional markets for Tricho-compost, a new specialized compost with a natural additive effective against botrytis in vineyards and white rot in onion crops.

Peats received $25,000 for a project to test industrial sands such as foundry sands against engineering standards for recycled materials, which are currently used in road construction.

SA No Till Farmers Association received $14,000 to help demonstrate the commercial viability of using a fertilizer produced from ammonium and phosphate constituents out of effluent waste water.

"South Australia's new waste strategy for 2011-2015 recognizes the need to promote markets for recycled materials, improve the viability of the recycling sector and develop value-added recycled products," said the minister.

"From reusing crushed construction and demolition material on roads, to creating specialized composts, I have been very impressed with the innovations South Australia's waste industry has come up with. These visionary ideas are helping to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and benefiting the state through employment and local industry development."





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