Eco Innovator March 2012

Government Policy

The Smart Engineering State

The Queensland Government has appointed an engineering expert to drive the Government's plan to make Queensland a world centre of engineering excellence. An internationally recognized materials engineer, professor Graham Schaffer, has taken the position as Special Advisor for the new Smart Engineering State initiative.

Professor Schaffer has been appointed for three months on secondment from his role as executive dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology at The University of Queensland.

Professor Schaffer commenced his role on 6 February and is meeting with stakeholders and industry representatives to discuss ideas and perspectives on positioning Queensland as a Smart Engineering State.

Professor Schaffer will develop a plan in consultation with the minerals, energy, services, education and research communities.

"Capturing the benefits of the minerals and energy driven boom will require access to high quality engineers and engineering solutions," said Qld Premier, Anna Bligh.

"This in turn will require investment in enhancing Queensland as a leader in innovation in engineering and greater collaboration between the engineering industry, engineering researchers and engineering educators."





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