Eco Innovator March 2012

Government Grants

The Energy Efficiency Grants

Innovative clean energy companies may be able to benefit from a Federal Government package of energy efficiency programs to drive smarter energy use in business, local government, households and communities.

There are three programs in the package.

The $200 million Community Energy Efficiency Program assists local government, not-for-profit and community organizations to undertake energy efficiency upgrades to community infrastructure, including council buildings, stadiums, education facilities, town halls and nursing homes.

The $100 million Low Income Energy Efficiency Program supports groups of service providers to demonstrate smarter energy use in low income households across Australia.

The $40 million Energy Efficiency Information Grants supports small and medium sized businesses and community groups by providing information and advice to make smarter energy choices.

For regional communities and smaller councils, the programs will make it easier to access assistance and support in the transition to a low carbon future, said the government.

Local government has often been a leader in the move towards a low carbon future. Wagga Wagga City Council, for example, has partnered with Low Carbon Australia to reduce its energy costs by nearly $60,000 each year. The agreement is a first for local government and a first for regional Australia.





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