Eco Innovator March 2012

Equity Capital

SustainAg Raises $300,000

SustainAg Global Ltd has completed Round 1 of its capital raising program, raising $300,000 on the Australian Small Scale Offering Board (ASSOB).

SustainAg has now commenced the second round of capital raising aiming to raise another $300,000.

The first round offered 6 million shares at 5 cents each, and the second round offering is 4,285,714 shares at 7 cents each.

The ASSOB Offerings Board indicates that the first $30,000 parcel in the second round has already been filled, and that SustainAg has six investors and a total of $330,000 so far.

Filling the first round was not easy as fund raising opened in November 2010 and the first round was scheduled to close by June 2011 but had to be extended. Half of the $300,000 came in the last two months.

SustainAg is commercializing an intelligent tillage and seeding system that uses the patented Moisture Manager technology to allow cereal growers and broad-acre farmers to better manage their planting and water usage.

With the award winning Moisture Manager, growers can increase yield while meeting the challenges of climate change, irregular rainfall, and water management.





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