Eco Innovator March 2012


Solar Sailor Launches Prototype

Solar Sailor and partner Forgacs Engineering have launched a prototype of the world's first Unmanned Ocean Vessel (UOV) to be powered by wind and solar energy.

The launch was at the Pacific 2012 International Maritime Exposition in Sydney over late January and early February.

Deputy premier and minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Stoner said "NSW companies Solar Sailor and Forgacs Engineering are combining their renewable technology and shipbuilding expertise to design, prototype, build and market this new vessel which is expected to be a global game-changer.

"It will provide national governments and other users with an unmanned vessel that can potentially spend an unlimited amount of time at sea using only wind and solar energy.

"This will offer opportunities in a range of potential areas - from coastal surveillance, national security and military applications to scientific, weather and oceanography monitoring."





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