Eco Innovator March 2012

Government Grants

Hazardous Waste Reduction Funding

The Victorian Government is encouraging Victorian business to apply for a share of $9 million available in HazWaste funding to help reduce the amount of hazardous waste going into landfill.

Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith said the funding is for businesses to investigate innovative ways to manage hazardous waste by reducing the volume of waste being produced, finding ways to re-use waste, or finding cheaper and more effective ways to store waste.

Types of projects that may be funded include converting combustible gases for use as an energy source, recycling of liquid contaminants, managing contaminated soils and recovery and reuse of water based paints as an additive in concrete manufacturing.

"Many businesses across Victoria want to reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals resulting from some production processes," said Mr Smith. "This funding will support businesses across Victoria to develop better production processes or research best-practice methods to significantly reduce hazardous by-products of production.

"Better production methods can also often lead to improved cost-effectiveness, stronger stakeholder relations and new networks for the business. This funding program is a win-win program for the environment and Victorian businesses.

"Landfills are not an infinite resource and it's very important we're planning ahead," Mr Smith said.

Mr Smith urged industry to liaise with EPA Victoria to find and develop suitable projects before 30 June 2012.





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