Eco Innovator March 2012


Global Carbon Exchange Partners CarbonSystems

Sydney based global sustainability software provider, CarbonSystems, has entered a partnership with Global Carbon Exchange (GCX), a South African carbon and sustainability consultancy.

South African legislation will soon require companies to account for their carbon emissions as well as other non-traditional data such as energy, sustainability efforts, environmental performance and corporate social investment, says GCX.

GCX chief executive, Kevin James, said "Companies face major challenges in terms of data integrity and transparency, particularly regarding data required to measure organizational and supply chain footprints, which have not traditionally been measured and monitored by most organizations.

"To assist businesses in addressing this gap, in a South African first, GCX have partnered with CarbonSystems, leaders in Enterprise Sustainability Software."

The CarbonSystems platform reduces the time and cost associated with the management of sustainability data. It also delivers up-to-date financial grade voluntary reporting, as required by the Carbon Disclosure Project and Global Reporting Initiative's standards – and accounts for compliance reporting. The system integrates into an organization's current enterprise management systems while driving operational efficiency and cost savings; and verifying ROI on all sustainability initiatives, said Mr James.

The partnership is said to have been well received with many South African companies immediately identifying how the software could benefit their businesses.

A recent international survey by Ovum in the UK says companies that adopted similar sustainability management solutions reported high rates of success and substantial progress toward their goals, whether financial, environmental or social.

They also reported compelling returns on investment, with 41 per cent of "adopters" claiming that the solution had paid for itself in 12 months or less; another 31 per cent said the payback time was one to two years.

"The adoption in South Africa is still relatively low, largely because companies are still learning about the new technology. There have however been a few early adopters who are already bearing the fruit of adopting the CarbonSystems platform," said Mr James.

This new partnership therefore marks a new era in sustainability monitoring and reporting in South Africa, he said.





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