Eco Innovator March 2012


First Biodiesel Unit

SA Biofuels has commenced work on its first order to manufacture a biodiesel unit. The unit will be used to test different algae oils to determine their quality and viability to be converted into biodiesel.

South Australian Biofuels chief executive Morgan Hunter and his business partner Paul Fields have developed a device that promises to slash the price of diesel fuel.

"We started it as a hobby to produce cheap fuels for ourselves, but it has grown to the stage where it can hopefully become a viable business," he said.

Messrs Hunter and Fields run a consulting and engineering business and are building a factory to produce their unit.

Innovate SA has also reported that Mr Hunter was an executive from one of eleven of SA's up and coming companies and start-ups to complete Round 2 of the Innovate SA Investment Attraction Course in 2011.

The specialized and intensive Innovate SA Investment Attraction Course was run over a four month period and designed to provide business owners and chief executives with training in business development and investor readiness.

"The Investment Attraction Course helped prepare us for dealings with potential investors and clients," said Mr Hunter.





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