Eco Innovator March 2012


Discussing Commercialisation Australia

The NSW Innovation Advisory Service and Access Macquarie Ltd are holding a morning discussion on whether it is worthwhile to apply for grants from Commercialisation Australia (CA).

Among other issues, Commercialisation Australia – A Hypothetical Discussion will look at the essential elements CA is looking for in applicants, does it prioritize the IP or the team, what does it mean by pre-commercial, securing matching funding, does the CA process value add, the most common mistakes businesses make when applying, and what are the odds of attracting funds.

The panel comprises:

* Patrick Mooney, Commercialisation Australia Case Manager with a current portfolio of 10 investee companies.

* Bruce Patten, principal of Pattens Group that has assisted clients to attract Commercialisation Australia funding.

* Simon Burke, chief executive of Ipscape, a communications and services company that attracted Commercialisation Australia funds in 2010.

* Dan Liszka, founder and managing director of Alchemy Equities, who will ask the questions.

Individual consultations are available by appointment with the panel members following the event.

Commercialisation Australia – A Hypothetical Discussion is on 20 March 20 from 9:30 to 11 am at Macquarie Park, Sydney.





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