No 6. November 2012

A Route to Market for Sustainable Food Oils

Qponics Ltd says it has secured a route to market for its Australian made organic and vegetarian omega 3 oils through Melbourne based Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals (NCP).

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two companies will see Qponics' DHA and EPA omega 3 oils supplied for use in a range of capsules and microencapsulated formats and marketed and distributed through NCP's Australian and international networks.

Qponics chief executive Dr Graeme Barnett said "This agreement achieves a major milestone for Qponics as NCP is a respected Australian company expert in the fields of complementary and nutrition medicine and in the development, manufacture and distribution of alternative medications known as nutraceuticals."

NCP manufactures nutraceutical products under its own label, Nutrition Care, and markets them to medical and nutritional practitioners; it also contract manufactures products for sale throughout Australia and overseas.

NCP managing director Professor Brighthope said Qponics is preparing to produce algal omega 3 oil that will be organic, vegetarian and Australian made.

"These are three significant competitive advantages and NCP is pleased to partner with Qponics to secure future supply of this valuable and health giving commodity," said Professor Brighthope.

NCP will work with Qponics to commercialize algal omega 3 oil in a variety of new formulations for therapeutic products, dietary supplements and functional foods, and will help to guide these products through the necessary regulatory processes.

Qponics is developing a sustainable aquaponic system to grow algae for the organic production of vegetarian oil high in EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids that are essential for good health. The system utilizes the waste streams from aquaculture to efficiently eliminate environmental pollution and inorganic fertilizers.

The major source of dietary omega 3 oil is fish and fish oil, but the supply is unsustainable due to the declining wild fish resource. Production of omega 3 oils from algae is carbon neutral, sustainable and safe enough for use in infant milk formulas.

Qponics is listed on ASSOB.





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